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December Minutes Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

NAF committee meeting 3rd December 2017

Present: Paul, Nate, Mike, Torsten
Apologies: Manuel, Gavin

1. Website update
We’re in the final stages now, the final stage is a live stats page to complement that done by Doubleskulls.

2. World Cup

A team of referees is being put together of many nationalities, headed up by Old Man Draco and Old Man Monkey, and pitches and teams are well in hand! See the website for full details going forward. The Miniature team will be revealed at the Dungeonbowl 2018 and it will be heading on a World Tour as a promotion for the World Cup. The Tour Dates and Tournaments where it will show up will be announced at the Dungeonbowl as well. The official World Cup Pitch will be revealed at the NAF Championship 2018.

3. The 24-26

New patches are being ordered for the 24 and the +2.
Patches can be bought if people have the old one and want the new one, otherwise supplied by the NAF.
For the new patches, at least 3 games with each race will be required, of any tabletop kind.

4. Membership Director update

Planning is beginning on the 2018 gift. Exciting!

5. Election all good to go

6. Thanks to Mike from the Committee for 2 years of Presidency.

Next meeting – in 2018!

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NAF President Election Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Dear Members,

It is time to start the election for our next President.  All debate etc will take place on the NAF forum, starting with this thread:

The time-table will be as follows:

– 7 Dec – nominations start
– 16 Dec – nominations end and Q&A start
– 23 Dec – voting start
– 30 Dec– election ends and the new President is elected

There will be separate threads for both Nominations, Q&A and the final election. Aside of this there will be a thread where all discussion on the nominees, the questions and the answers can take place.

For the record, the role of the NAF President from the latest NAF Charter:

President (Elected Position)

Directs NAF strategy and planning
Chairs meetings
Serves as liaison between members and officers
Serves as liaison between outside organization and NAF
Fulfills duties of other officers if absent from meetings or events
Reviews regular reports from other officers and offers direction
Sets meeting agenda items


NAF Vice-President

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Friday Features – Coach Page Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Lots of little bits going on today, for TOs mostly to be aware of, so a quick blog post to make it easy to share:

  • It’s not currently possibly to manually update email.  The field that allowed this before didn’t actually do anything, it turns out, so this is a new process needed.  Should be available soon, and can’t imagine it’s incredibly urgent for anyone, so please be patient on this one.
  • When entering winners, it now defaults to the race that the person played in the tournament.  There aren’t many situations where this would need to be changed (best painted, maybe), but you can if you want.  Note that if you don’t enter a race the result will not be displayed.
  • We’re looking into getting the white text box showing on the Coach Page.  This means you can use it on Winners to show whether it is Team or Individual winner.
  • The same box can be used on Runner-Up in lots of ways.  There has been a lot of demand for 3rd, 4th, Best Haircut etc, so the proposal is that the Runner-Up award can be used to list as many awards as you have won, with the text box showing what the specific award was.  Please hold off on entering these until this is confirmed.
  • Lunchmoney has offered to update tournaments for which the TO is off the grid, and Nate and I will also be able to do it, though we would much rather the TOs did it for obvious reasons!

I think that’s it for the moment, more over the weekend I expect!

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NAF Minutes November 2017 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Present: Mike, Paul, Torsten, Nate, Gavin
Apologies: Manuel

Website update
Significant improvements continue to be made to the database, and there are more imminent. The online registration is now fixed, having been broken for a while, and the coach page now contains more information.
We discussed changing the names of the races so that they were consistently singular or plural, and so that GW Dwarfs were used instead of Dwarves, but as this would involve updating a number of different uploading tools the costs were felt to outweigh the benefits.

Treasurer report
Portugese Eurobowl paid back their loan.
Outstanding loan of £8k to Welsh Eurobowl and 8k Euros to the World Cup.

Leagues report
The update with new goblin and pact positionals is nearly ready, and is in the final stages testing with the NAF site. Gav will also look into whether the old Wizard will still be available.

Tournaments report
Nate has commissioned new 24/26 patches and we are getting costings from the US and Europe for these.
Some coaches would like to abstain from having their games recorded in particular tournaments. This is not allowed – if you have been a NAF member then you should supply your NAF name and number when playing in a NAF tournament.

World Cup report
Torsten had sought feedback from those who attended Eurobowl about what lessons could be taken forward to the World Cup. WC App will probably be available end of 2018 for other tourneys to use and test.

The election for NAF President is coming up. These are the important dates:
9 Dec – nominations start
16 Dec – nominations end and Q&A start
23 Dec – voting start
30 Dec– election ends and the new President is elected

Next meeting
3rd December, 2030 CET

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New Coach Page Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

OK, so this is quite an emotional moment for me.  Not up there with my wedding, or the birth of my children, but in terms of Blood Bowl this is alongside reffing at the World Cup or winning my first tournament (both good things).  This is why I am indulging myself by writing a personal post on the NAF site (something I’ve mostly avoided).

About 5 years ago I got seriously involved in the NAF as Media Officer, having been a member since March 2007, and I got involved because i wanted to make it better.  One of the big improvements I was keen on was the website, and I was really pleased when the WordPress version of the site came along, and i was able to gather as much BB-related info in one place as i could.  It has its critics, but I believe it is the best portal to BB content that there is.

Anyway, the other was a longer time coming, which was to make the Members Area something more, and we’re now pretty much there.  We have Online tournaments being added, and today the new-look Coach Page is unveiled, with a record of tournament success, and bringing into the open items such as Head to Head, which has been there forever but only if you have known where to look.

So big thanks to Tiago from IE Solutions, who has been working with the NAF on this, and has delivered the Variant rankings, fixed the online sign up, along with a load of other stuff that had been “not-quite-right” ever since i became involved with the NAF.

There are more developments to come, but this is a significant change, and I wanted to celebrate it.  So lastly, if you have won any awards, please nag your TOs to log on, go to the Tournament, click Edit, scroll down then add your names.  It’s that simple. I’m off to add the Majors (not that I’ve won any, grumble grumble…)

Happy Blood Bowling!


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NAF Database Update Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Following the vote held in September 2017, the NAF Committee has decided that Bretonnians and Khorne will be added as races to the NAF database.

Tournaments will be allowed to include these as official races from 1st January 2018, but this will be up to the individual Tournament Organiser. The inclusion or exclusion of these races does not affect the sanctioning of a tournament.

Until this time the current situation will continue, which is that they can be included in tournaments but their games will not be recorded in the database.

The NAF Committee will at some point review whether they should become compulsory races for NAF sanctioning. No decision has been made on this.

Thank you to ManticoreRich for the shiny version of the document, which also contains a FAQ following feedback received after the vote result.

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New Races Result Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

The results are in on the vote on additional races, the stats for which can be found here.

Out of the 3600 members eligible to vote, we had 803 votes for the 4 options (22.5% turnout), with around 10 blank votes, though these are not shown in the results.

Khorne and Bretonnian 556
Khorne 30
Bretonnians 96
Neither 121

There will be an extraordinary committee meeting in the next few days to decide on the implementation, which will also depend on getting any necessary technological changes made to the database.

Thanks to everyone who voted, and watch this space!




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September Committee Minutes Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

NAF Committee: 10th September 17

Present: Mike, Torsten, Paul
Apologies: Nate, Gavin, Manuel

Website update
The bulk of the adjustments to the database are complete, and from now on it will be cosmetic improvements, such as being easier to find who has won particular tournaments. The activation process also needs fixing, along with some minor tweaks.

World Cup
Torsten’s Excel based software was used at the German Team Bowl with few problems, and will be used at the World Cup, with as many tournaments before then as possible to iron out any remaining bugs.

Treasurer report
More dice and tokens are being ordered as the 2017 gift has proved very popular.

Succession planning 
President election will begin at the end of November. Mike will not be standing again.

New races vote
Torsten to set up asap – will be 2 questions with Khorne yes/no, Bretonnian yes/no if possible. Otherwise 4 options: Both, Khorne, Brets, Neither.

Next meeting – TBC

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Additional Races Vote Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

As mentioned in the NAF minutes and various newsletters, in the next few days we will open up a vote as to whether Khorne and Bretonnians should be added as NAF-sanctioned races.

The effect of this could be that eventually to be a NAF-sanctioned tournament these races would need to be allowed to be included, although as with the BB2016 rules a period of flexibility will be available, and they are likely to be optional for a good amount of time, but will be able to be added to the database.

The vote will be non-binding, but will hopefully (if enough people vote) give an idea on whether this is something that the membership wants.

Useful Information

  • Khorne were in Cyanide’s BB1, but have not yet appeared in BB2.  Bretonnians are in Cyanide’s BB2.  The stats for both races can be found here.
  • From the statistics within these two games (thanks to dode for these) the win % is around 45% for both teams (where a draw counts as half a win, same as for BBRC).  This puts them lower Tier 1, so around the same strength as Humans or High Elves. The restriction on the Bret data is that only some of the teams have been available as opposition, but it is the best available.
  • Khorne and Brets have both been used in NAF tournaments (with their games not being recorded in the database) but we have not been able to get enough data to draw any conclusions, so presenting any data would be misleading.  Do feel free to tell your anecdotal stories on the forum, however.

There has been vigorous discussion on the NAF forum so far, and you are encouraged to have a read and join in before casting your vote!

You will be able to say whether you want Khorne, Brets, both, or neither added to the database.

It is worth noting that the NAF committee is neutral on this – it is something that various people have been asking for over a number of years, and it is only now that the work has been done on the database to make it possible.  This is the cause of the timing, which might seem strange otherwise with the release of BB2016.

Here is the link for voting:

End time is 20.00 CET on 30th September.



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Online Rankings Functioning Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Latest update on the rankings!

Thanks to some sterling work from Strider84, Christer and myself (ahem), all the Fumbbl tournaments are now in the database, and the rankings should be correct for them.

Integrating the Online tournaments is still a work in progress, and more will be done in September.  There are some things to be aware of:

  • the count of NAF tournaments currently includes tabletop and online.  We will be looking to separate these, as well as separating the Grid, and the number of games.
  • if you click on an Online tournament, to get the correct table at the bottom, you need to select Online from the box on the right.
  • the tournament structure currently mirrors that of Fumbbl, so the heats are shown as separate tournaments, as are the playoffs.  This will have an effect on the K-value and thus the changes in ranking points for these mini-tournaments, but due to the volume of uploads needed this was the way it was done.  In future a particular tournament will be amalgamated before being uploaded, and we may go back and adjust previous uploads, if the effects are deemed to be too large.
  • there are more non-NAF coaches in the Fumbbl tournaments than in average tabletop tournaments.  We will hope to reduce this in future, but will not be making it compulsory to be a NAF member to compete.
  • we are investigating the possibility of running NAF tournaments in BB2.
  • there is a new Fumbbl tournament coming soon!  If you want an online ranking, get part of it!  Watch this space…
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Thrudball Results Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail!

Top 4 as shown below!

  • Winner – Itchen
  • Runner-up – Rubick
  • 3rd – Cornish
  • Glowworm – Oon
  • Best Team – The French
  • Most Casualties – Nazgob
  • Most Touchdowns – ddark
  • Stunty Cup – Twelfman
  • Best Thrudling – Enderman
  • Dockbowl Winner – Laraigne
  • Best Defence – Mawph (slight maths error at time of awarding the prizes!)
  • Best European – PeterD (and probably best defence too…)
  • Best Painted – Laraigne
  • Best Painted Auction – Thor
  • Wooden Spoon – BDOW
  • Lots of pictures in Lunchmoney’s album.
  • £4000 raised in the charity auction Saturday night!

Full standings:

# Team Race Coach Score Touchdowns Casualties
1 Renegadian Chaos Pact Itchen 18 11 3 16 10
2 Team 3 Chaos Dwarf Rubick 13 10 5 21 13
3 Bugman’s Best Dwarf Cornish 13 10 6 19 6
4 You Know My Team Oon Norse Oon 13 8 4 12 17
5 Da Seaorcs N Orc Gimli01 12 7 5 7 5
6 The Little Sh*ts of Dumb Girk Orc MonkeyTrumpet 12 7 5 15 9
7 Natural Horn Killers Chaos Pact peterd 12 7 2 24 9
8 One Trick Cajones Underworld Twelfman 12 9 3 14 24
9 You Know My Team Norse Funny Valentine 11 7 4 22 12
10 Maximum Impact Chaos Pact Hawk 11 10 6 20 14
11 Schlaghügel Sentinels Human Mawph 11 6 3 10 22
12 Got Block? Norse Lunchmoney 11 7 4 17 12
13 Imperial Socks Dwarf Old_Dwarf 11 7 5 26 6
14 Marienburg Fireflies Halfling Nazgob 11 9 8 32 19
15 You Know My Team Norse Pedro 10 8 7 16 18
16 Skavenblight Scramblers Skaven Touchdown 10 12 8 10 23
17 Team 4 High Elf ddark 10 17 11 16 14
18 Pillage Village Norse Nagrom 10 10 8 10 7
19 Bacon on a String Skaven scs.sam 9 14 11 9 27
20 Thrud-u-Like Ogre Heff 9 8 7 22 15
21 You Know My Team Norse Budmilka 9 8 5 24 16
22 Team 5 Pro Elf Tank15 9 13 5 6 18
23 Underage Drinkers Norse Enderman 9 6 6 20 14
24 Salacious Temptation Vampire Grumbledook 8 7 8 8 26
25 Euro’ll Gonna Die Undead Sann0638 8 7 7 25 14
26 Uncanny Ex-Men Necromantic Undead Fallingdownjoe 8 6 5 15 17
27 ‘Orcwind Orc lgmdaniel 8 7 5 23 11
28 Danestown Hurricanes Norse KFoged 8 10 6 24 16
29 Orange is the new Block Ogre scotthabanero 8 7 6 18 25
30 What the Hell am I Doing? Ogre Merrick 7 6 7 16 29
31 Team Name Chaos Dwarf Giraffe 7 5 4 13 8
32 Team 6 N Amazon Johnberwyn 7 5 9 13 19
33 Lizardman Dementor 7 4 9 13 13
34 The Rotten Ravens N Nurgle Rotters Sharky 6 5 7 15 15
35 Spoon Collectors Pro Elf Legolas 6 4 9 3 26
36 Class of 2017 N Goblin Azlann 6 5 12 24 21
37 Tenochtitlan Titans Slann Cookie 6 7 9 8 23
38 Horns of Numon Chaos Mr_Frodo 6 6 10 13 22
39 Blatant Plague-arism 1 Underworld Thor87 5 5 11 18 19
40 See, They are Painted Norse Portsmouth 5 7 9 22 20
41 Blatant Plague-arism 2 Underworld Landrover 5 6 9 15 17
42 Funnybones N Undead Stowelly 5 6 11 10 11
43 Chicago Longbeards Dwarf Ghostblaster 5 5 7 10 8
44 Sands of Time Khemri Ninjagosplat 4 6 10 21 9
45 You Know My Team Norse Laraigne 4 2 10 27 14
46 Superzeros Goblin Buggritt 4 5 9 14 31
47 Facehuggers Reunited N Lizardman Sabellida 4 5 9 10 23
48 Standy Stand-ins Orc jimmyjazz 4 4 5 12 7
49 Ned Smellies Goblin Glowworm 3 3 9 19 20
50 11 Angry Dwarfs N Dwarf BDOW 0 0 13 6 9


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Rankings Update August Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Following the previous Rankings post, a fair amount of testing has gone on getting the rankings working, so thank you to everyone who has been patient with the various iterations.  We think we’re there now!

So, some points to be aware of:

  • when new games are added, and the button is pressed, it will take a few hours for these to be reflected in the statistics.
  • the Fumbbl games are being added gradually.  Most of the coaches have been identified, but as with tabletop NAF tournaments, non-NAF coaches were allowed to take part so not all games will be in the NAF database.  Massive thanks to Christer for his support with this.
  • where previous variant tournaments were recorded as Blood Bowl rather than a variant, they will need to be changed to the variant.  Again, this is happening gradually.
  • one small remaining bug is that the “net CR” calculation for a particular tournament still needs sorting.
  • on the Coach Page, you can now sort your races alphabetically or numerically top to bottom, by clicking on the header of each column.
  • we would still encourage previous Tournament Organisers to add the winners etc of their tournaments, by clicking on Edit.  Some have reported that this is not working for them, so do email if you have problems with this.

The development team is now taking a break fro the rest of August, but there will be some exciting developments coming in September.  Watch this space!

And if you spot any problems, please do comment below…

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Work on Rankings Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

As mentioned in the last few NAF minutes, there is a lot of work being done on the NAF rankings, which is causing some instability at the moment.  Some games are missing from people’s profiles, and the numbers will occasionally change.  Please do bear with us until this work is completed, and rest assured that the numbers will return to normal once the work has completed.

This is primarily due to Variants rankings  being introduced, including an Online ranking from the NAF Online tournaments, which has caused a few unforeseen consequences.  Initially the testing was done in a parallel version of the database, but sometimes it takes lots of testers to spot mistakes, so thank you to everyone for your vigilance!

This will also allow us to add bits to the coach page later in the project.  If you have ideas for what would be good on there, let me know.

Updates will appear primarily here or on NAF social media, so please do check in if you have any questions.  I’m leading on the project, and am very happy to answer them!

Mike (sann0638)

NAF President

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NAF Minutes July 2017 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Meeting held on Skype on 23rd July 2017

Present: Mike (sann0638, President), Paul (geggster, Treasurer), Torsten (tojurub, VP), Nate (gaixo, TD), Gavin (Valen, LD)
League Director handover
– Welcome to Gavin and thanks to Jonas (RoterSternHochDahl)
– Congratulations to Gavin for the winning the election
– Work on the rankings continues, with incorporating variants, including specifically online games. This has caused some interim clashes between the rankings in various places, so would be grateful if Members would be patient in the meantime while these are sorted out (hopefully this week)
– The “recover password” was working, but has now stopped working completely unfortunately. We are concentrating on getting the rankings finished, then will get this working again. In the meantime password recovery is being done manually.
– For each tournament, it is now possible to put in the winner, runner-up, most TD, most Casualties and Stunty Cup winner. We will be asking Tournament Organisers past and present to fill this information in. This is quite a challenge of course, given 2500 tournaments over 15 years so please bear with those tasked with this. The aim is that this information will appear on a revised coach page, showing the tournament record of an individual coach. Watch this space for more information!

Rules Discussion
– The Spanish community (and possibly others) are keen to still be allowed to use CRP in tournaments, for example not to have to include the new goblin positionals.
– While we do recognise this position, we do feel that the changes to CRP are very small, so would encourage everyone to consider carefully whether it is worth having different sets of rules in operation. For example, in two years we want everyone to be using the same rules for the World Cup.
– If a particular TO is considering not being NAF sanctioned due to the new NAF rules, please do contact your local Co-ordinator, or Nate directly, to discuss this.
– The other problem that people have with the new rules is the frequency of changes. We have no reason to expect more than one Death Zone per year going forward, so this is the likely frequency of NAF changes, and again seems reasonable.
– With the new rules for Grak and Crumbleberry, TOs may want to include these stars in their tournament rules pack, that is their individual choice, as previously.
– Before the next Death Zone, NAF committee will consult with NTOs regarding what the individual communities think about the new rules, before deciding about the next version of NAF tournament rules. This will also include getting feedback about how previous rules are working in practice.

Compulsory Membership
– We discussed making it mandatory for people to be NAF members to play in NAF tournaments, but did not want to do anything to discourage people playing in tournaments.
– This included allowing free membership, without the gift, for those who had not joined before.
– We would encourage people to include the £5 in the rules pack, as usually people are happy to sign up when told that it includes some dice and/or a token.
– If people do not want their games recorded, that is their prerogative.

Treasurer Report
– Next two Eurobowl organisers have been lent funds, and the World Cup Organisers are now asking for an advance. We are continuing to keep track on the NAF cash flow.

Leagues Report
– Viagra removed from the League Locator (Mike to make Valen an admin on
– NAF Facebook group for League Commissioners, with at least one admin from each language speaker. Will be opened up to more people in future.
– Handover of OBBLM will happen in the next few days.

Tournaments Report
– Nothing not previously discussed

World Cup Report
– Discussion of the rules, which will be published at least a year in advance of the tournament
– Updates about the World Cup will be posted on the NAF forum, Facebook and the official website (in 5 languages) at
– Torsten has developed a scoring spreadsheet for use during the tournament

Bretonnians and Khorne
– We recognise the feedback given following the last set of minutes.
– The vote about including these races in the database will take place with a deadline of the end of September, with plenty of time for discussion beforehand, including getting the win percentages from Cyanide.
– The vote will be a guide for NAF committee to make the decision, rather than a majority binding vote. We would hope that a substantial number of people would vote, and if there is a substantial majority one way or another that makes the decision easier, but otherwise it is another element of the decision.
– The vote will take place in the same way as NAF elections.

– Another batch of this year’s membership gift needed. Reroll counter very popular and lots of new players. more BB players. Torsten and Manuel to decide amount.

Next meeting
– 10th September, 2030 CET

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New to Tournaments Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

What can I expect at my first Blood Bowl Tournament?

I was really honoured to be invited to write an article for the NAF about advice for new tournament coaches… is how I’d like to start this article.


Myself (and Merrick) at Elflympics. Think this was about four GFIs into his spot prize-winning ten GFIs attempt!

Unfortunately, I wasn’t asked, I just figured, five tournaments in, there were some things I’d learnt that I would have probably benefitted from knowing before I went to my first NAF tournament, so I shoved this article in front of the NAF webmonkeys.

Why am I qualified to write such an article? Well, I’m not qualified, I’ve only been playing for about a year, which kind of makes me qualified by default, I suppose!

Across the various Blood Bowl forums and groups there are often requests from new coaches for advice and guidance about how to approach their first tournament experience. Mostly, these are “what roster should I take to <insert tournament name here> next weekend?”, which this article definitely doesn’t cover. With only thirty-three NAF ranked games under my belt, all I can tell you, so far, is that giving a human lineman Thick Skull probably isn’t going to bag you the top spot when the prizes are being dished out. The more interesting “what should I…” posts, for me, are from people who are a little apprehensive about tournament etiquette and what to expect, beyond the games they’re going to play.

Some of us may have played lots of different games systems before Blood Bowl caught our attention. All of those systems (Warhammer 40,000, Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, Age of Sigmar, X-Wing etc.) can be played competitively, which means you can probably find tournaments supporting that competitive gameplay across the world. Different games systems bring different types of player, resulting in different tournament atmosphere. For me, the very few Friday night Magic: The Gathering tournaments I went to were a real baptism of fire, so I stopped going. Disclaimer: Others’ mileage of M:tG may (and definitely will) vary. One thing that seems to be a universal truth with Blood Bowl though, is that it has one of the most welcoming tournament scenes of most table top games. It’s an easy game to play, but a tough game to play well. The term ‘beer and pretzels’ seems to have been created to fit Blood Bowl perfectly.

If a negative experience at other games systems’ tournaments makes you wary of trying a Blood Bowl event, I’d implore you to take the risk, you’re really missing out!

Hawca (UK National Co-ordinator for the NAF) and Kfoged, this year’s NAF Championship winner

So, what advice would I have given myself, before I rolled my first Blood Bowl tournament dice against Hawca at CakeBowl 6 (I lost 3-1, he was playing Wood Elves and I probably scored my consolation touchdown by accident!)?

  • Play some games with the roster (and race) that you’re taking. Don’t have your head turned by web lists, or whatever the trendy roster of the day is. You know how you like to play the game, and what you enjoy. It’s really tempting to start to question your ‘safe’ roster the night before a tournament and have people convince you on Facebook that taking Leap on a Treeman will be totul lulz. It won’t. You’ll have a long day ahead of you where you just get more and more frustrated. Experienced coaches will take crazy rosters (the all-Snotling [each one with Block, Guard and Dauntless] list proposed for Elflympics is one that sticks in my mind!), which are really fun to play against, but stick with what you know when you’re starting out.
  • Within most tournament rule packs you’ll have the option to allocate additional skills to your players. Don’t make the mistake I made at GertBowl VI last year.

My logic: I’m new. I want to learn all the skills as quickly as I can, so I’ll just take thirteen different skills (inc. the aforementioned Thick Skull!) and I can see them all in action, at once. I won’t need to playtest this, I’ll be all-knowing by the end of day one, I’m a genius!

My reality: Nightmare. I literally ran out of different coloured bands to distinguish who had what and spent most games looking at my own roster. Keep it simple.

  • Keep an eye on the clock, (this is my main struggle, Glowworm once named a Zombie after me ‘cos I’m so slow). Friendly games you’re playing at home may take several hours with the accompanying chat and theoryBowling. Whilst there is plenty of opportunity to get to know the opposing coach(es) you’re playing at a tournament, times flies like an airborne Doom Diver, and you run the very real risk of being put on the clock. This can mean you get put on 1-minute turns which is horrible, particularly if you are a new coach and still not sure of what you’re doing. Being put on the clock tends to attract other coaches who have already finished their games, which makes it even more of a spectacle. At worst, your game may be called; ended prematurely. Whilst some tournaments allow coaches to play into the lunch break, you need to eat at some point, so time-management is really crucial. Keep that in mind between rounds, too. If you’re late back to start a game, that limits the time you have to complete it. I got lost on the way back to a venue after lunch on one occasion and ended up missing the first half hour of the round. This meant I was chasing the game, and that my opponent’s (the wonderfully patient Leipziger) experience probably wasn’t as enjoyable, too.
  • With regards to marking skills, as long it’s clear to your opponent, I think anything goes. I use loom bands and just go with whatever colour comes to hand. If pink means Block, then pink means Block. As long as everyone with Block as an additional skill has a pink halo, my opponent can’t moan. I’d also suggest writing down what additional skills your opponents have given players, too. This will help you to make informed actions during the game. I’ve gone to roll a (failed) dodge with the Dodge skill, before being reminded that the player I’m trying to escape has Tackle. No team re-rolls, turnover.
  • Check your roster before you print and/or send it. Check it again. Some online roster builders may not have the accurate stats or costs, so it’s always worth digging out the Blood Bowl rulebook to check you’re not going to fail the Countdown numbers round on the day. If you’re not sure, get the tournament organiser to check it in advance.
  • Check your opponents’ roster before you roll the first dice. Don’t assume everyone has read the rule pack correctly, or even at all!
  • If you don’t ask, you don’t get. If coaches are playing too quickly for you to keep up, let them know. If coaches are playing too slowly and you’re worried about the clock running down, let them know. Don’t sit opposite a race you’ve never played with or against and be too scared to ask how skills you’ve never heard of impact the game. Only realising how Tentacles works just as you’re about to make your break for the match-winner in turn 16 is not a fun lesson to learn!
  • Print off several copies of your roster – you’ll inevitably lose one or two on the day.
  • Take a pen to keep notes; this makes retelling other coaches how Nuffle has forsaken you easier if you’ve got something to refer to. It can also be useful to track how certain skills are doing, to help you in future games. In the couple of games I’ve played against NoNumber, he’s constantly scribbling in a little black book, jotting down what worked and what didn’t. Or what he needs to get from Tesco on the way home. Either way, he’s preparing all the time. If you’re a real sadist, keep track of all the skulls and ones. Nightwing’s log of failed Bloodlust rolls at BUBBA Bowl IV definitely flew in the face of the mathematical averages!
  • Pack dice, tokens, minis and templates/pitch, if you need them. If you don’t have a pitch, there are often other coaches who bring several with them on the day. I’m pretty nomadic at a tournament, so don’t mind moving around the room to play my games. Some coaches are insistent that they’re setting up camp and not moving for the day; it differs.
  • With regards to dice cups, I used a paper espresso cup from whatever coffee place was nearest the venue for my first couple of tournaments. Some people get really funny about using/not using dice cups, it’s personal preference. The argument is that a dice cup prevents dice whizzing all over the place and knocking over or damaging models. For me, a dice cup just gives me a second chance to decide if I’m rolling for the optimal action. If I change my mind, I can cancel the action before seeing the dice. If you’re flashy, you might use a dice tower (though I heard something on the Two Dice Uphill podcast recently, saying a dice needs to hit seven surfaces on a dice tower to roll ‘true’, so I’m not sure about those now!). If you’re really big time, you can get what can only be described as a dice butler, like Cornish had at Elflympicsit rolled the dice for him! Rest assured, whatever you bring, it will almost certainly roll quadruple Skulls, or doubles on a foul at some point.

Foul Bowl dice. I found they developed a guilty conscience when it came to rolling fouls with them!

  • Check you’ve got all your models, dice, pitches, trophies (!) etc. before you head home, otherwise your star lineman could be stuck in deepest darkest Coventry for the foreseeable future – screw that! Also, be sure to thank the organiser(s). I’m yet to see a tournament organiser leave the event in a tricked out Ferrari lighting their cigar with a burning fifty-pound note. There must be all sorts of organisational headaches to get a tournament running smoothly, and it probably results in very little (any?) profit, so those crazy bastards deserve some acknowledgement.
  • Some people might struggle with this suggestion but, if I’ve played a coach who clearly knows his/her stuff, I’ll ask what they would suggest I worked on with my game, in future. It might seem a bit beggy, but has given me some really obvious suggestions that have improved my overall game. If we keep playing the way we’ve always played, we’ll keep losing the way we’ve always lost.
  • Bit of a cliché for the last one, but (try to) have fun! You’re (probably) going to get beaten, you’re (probably) not going to win every game, but you can impact the experience that you and your opponent have of a game. When I tilt; it ruins games for me, and probably my opponent, too. I’m not a table flipper, but I can get bratty on occasion if I make stupid mistakes. This then gets more annoying when I’m actually aware of it ‘cos I get annoyed that I’m annoyed about something as insignificant as toy soldiers! There’s YouTube footage of my second game at Foul Bowl this year (first time playing against Nurgle, coached by Itchen, ft. failed Foul Appearance rolls aplenty!), where you can just about hear me whispering “it’s just toy soldiers” to myself for most of the second half, like some demented madman!

Set yourself a realistic aim before your tournament begins. ‘Crush your enemies. See them driven before you. Hear the lamentations of their women’ might the first turning on the road to disappointment, but scoring a touchdown each game? Winning one game to begin with? Those aren’t beyond the realms of possibility.

Tournament play isn’t for everyone; some people prefer the occasional pick-up game, or the story that unfolds over an entire season, but tournaments are a great way to meet local coaches and those that aren’t afraid to travel for their fix. There’s always something to laugh about once the dice have finished rolling. Hey, even the last place coach gets to take some form of cutlery home as a ‘prize’!

One final thing, if you’re reading this and aren’t a member already, consider joining the NAF. Membership means your results are logged and tracked against other coaches, so you can see who your bitter rivals are, even after 100s of ranked games. You can also find forums and members areas with useful resources to help new and existing coaches – including upcoming tournament calendars. There’s also annual gifts for signing-up, or renewing, and clearly we all love new toys!

The 2017 NAF gift: two dice and one counter (shown both sides) for signing up or renewing

If all else fails when you sit down opposite your opponent for that first round match-up, just roll sixes and Pows all the time, unless you’re playing me. With that said, if you end up playing me, you probably didn’t roll enough sixes and Pows in your previous game(s)!

Jip (NAF Number: 22172), currently coaching in the SAWBBL.

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Variant Rankings Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Further developments on the NAF website!

For a while, there have been some tournaments around the world played as Sevens, Streetbowl, or pure Dungeonbowl tournaments.  Now, for the first time, these tournaments have their own rankings.

The main (and default) “Variant” is still “Blood Bowl”, and so the vast majority of games in the database will not be affected, but we now have a world #1 Sevens coach, and so on as well!

NB: This is still in development, so there may be some error-testing still needed.

This is also the first stage in adding the Online games from the Fumbbl NAF tournaments, and these will be uploaded soon, with “Online” being an additional Variant.

There is a small amount of manual work needed to implement the Online tournaments, as we need to populate a table matching NAF nicknames and Fumbbl nicknames.  This will be done electronically in the future, but if you would like to help, do let sann know (comment below…)

The individual coach page is still in development to show this change.


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Committee Minutes May 2017 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Date: 28th May
Paul absent for first discussion, all others present.

League Director Election
The LD election is due – we will have 2 weeks for nominations, 2 weeks for discussion, 1 week for voting. A specification of the job will be posted alongside.

Update on website
– It is now possible to include new races in the rankings. There will be a referendum after the League Director election on whether Khorne and Bretonnians should be added.
– A face lift for the site would be helpful to show that there are new features.
– It would be helpful to be able to filter by rulebook. One way to do this would be to have more detailed W/D/L analysis available, rather than rankings in themselves.
– Once the variants filter is in place, the Blood Bowl ranking will not be affected by Dungeonbowl, Sevens, Online etc.

Paul joined the meeting:

Treasurer’s report
– Portugese Eurobowl organising team (2017) have been given a loan
– Welsh Eurobowl organising team (2018) have been given a loan
– Payments have been made for the website developments
– Balance has reduced a lot as a result,
– big increase in renewals as well
– Reiterated that renewals cost 5 of most currencies in face to face to keep the sums easy

Gifts and Trophies update
Torsten delivered trophies to US. Torsten/Manuel to email the NTOs explaining the distribution network. Australia and New Zealand have had theirs sent out. Torsten will keep an inventory of supplies. Committee will reiterate that you get one reroll token per renewal, so that we don’t run out.

World Cup update
The SBBM are becoming an association. The team is under production, as are the pitches, and the rules are under discussion. Registrations will begin October 2018.

Reaction to rules in Death Zone 2
– 80k wizard is problematic, possibly too good. Allowed but not recommended.
– Optional goblins until the end of July, then beginning of August new stars and rosters are mandatory.

Allocation of Majors
– Discussion of which tournaments should be Majors, this will be kept under review, including if there could be a Major in South America.

Date of next meeting
23rd July, same time.

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