League play is the foundation upon which the Blood Bowl game is based. There are many kinds of league activity, but they all tie in to a general campaign where teams battle each other over a period of time, developing new abilities and suffering injuries (or worse!) while attempting to earn the crown of league champion.  If you long for the thrill of moulding your rag-tag band of no-hopers into an elite unit able to take on all comers, this is the format for you!

Blood Bowl leagues now take place all over the world, both on table-top and even online.  To find (or list!) the nearest tabletop leagues to where you live, check out the NAF’s league locator!

No leagues in your area?  Get in touch on our forum or use the NAF’s coach locator and reach out to like-minded people, or club together with a group of your friends to start your own!  Starting a Blood Bowl league can be easier and more enjoyable than you might think…

The NAF provides budding commissioners with a number of tools to help support their league community, and we’re working round the clock to grow the number and quality of tools and resources all the time.

  • First, grab a copy of the rulebook.  Leagues starting out are encouraged to stick to the standard rulebook as much as possible; house rules can add some great enjoyment to the game, but should be used sparingly and are recommended for experienced commissioners only.
  • Why not print out some posters and fliers to advertise that you plan to start (or already run) a league in your area?  Friendly local game stores, local Games Workshop branches, wargames clubs and even colleges and libraries are all great places to advertise your league.
  • Grab yourself a NAF league management website (details on this page).  The current version of obblm can be daunting to work through at first, so make sure you check out the obblm wiki and post in our forum if you run into any problems – we’re here to help!
  • Submit the details of your league to the League Locator and follow the instructions there
  • There is a great thread on TFF about starting up a league – easier to see all the different viewpoints than trying to summarise it!

New resources and tools are under development all the time, so if you think you have an idea for how we can improve league support, let us know below!

Good luck and LLBB!


Last updated by Shteve0 on 16 July 2015

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6 thoughts on “Leagues

  1. bakdal

    I was looking at the leagues under Europe/Denmark. There are four leagues listed there, but from the looks of it only half of them seem to be active. The webpage for one of the leagues hasn’t been updated since 2010 and the other since 2004. I looked around the sites and there din’t seem to be a way to contact their webmaster or Commish (at least not without having to sign up for their forums).

    So my question is: Is there a way to report a league as being dead/inactive? Might be an idea if there isn’t already.

      1. bakdal

        Yeah I can report the links broken, but the links are actually working fine. I mean the links lead to websites for “inactive”/dead leagues.


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