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Following the vote held in September 2017, the NAF Committee has decided that Bretonnians and Khorne will be added as races to the NAF database.

Tournaments will be allowed to include these as official races from 1st January 2018, but this will be up to the individual Tournament Organiser. The inclusion or exclusion of these races does not affect the sanctioning of a tournament.

Until this time the current situation will continue, which is that they can be included in tournaments but their games will not be recorded in the database.

The NAF Committee will at some point review whether they should become compulsory races for NAF sanctioning. No decision has been made on this.

Thank you to ManticoreRich for the shiny version of the document, which also contains a FAQ following feedback received after the vote result.

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6 thoughts on “NAF Database Update

  1. Darkson

    “In addition BB2 Legendary has just been released with Bretonnians as part of it, so it looks as though they are here to stay.”

    Yeah, the same was said about Khorne, and where are they in BB2?

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