One of the great things about running a tournament is the wide variety of rules that it’s possible to use.  Some tournaments use variants to make their tournament attractive to experienced players looking for something different, others use straightforward rules to make the tournament suitable for newer coaches.  And anywhere in between!

This page talks about TV and skill allocation – for examples of points scoring see the Score wiki.  If you would like a scoring system added that is very different to those shown, just reply at the bottom!  All contacts are NAF names, contact through the PM system in the Members Area.  I’ll try and link to the rules packs for full details, or the TFF thread if there is no actual pack.

Tournament and Contact Scoring System
Albion Coast (UK) – blocknroll Full progression, like a league in a weekend, starting 105 TV, Ogres get extra MVP at the beginning.
Thrud (UK) – Giraffe 120 TV, no progression, skills bought for 20k or 30k, stat boosts cost double unless the player has stunty, no repeated skills, varying number of players allowed skills depending on the tier of the team, up to 2 skills per player.
Crumb (UK) – glowworm 110 TV, 6 skills including one double if wanted, no progression, no stacking.
Waterbowl (UK) – Leipziger 110TV, no progression, choose from a skills package, no stacking:
Upgrade 1 – 5 normal, 1 double
Upgrade 2 – 4 normal, 1 double, 1 MA/AV
Upgrade 3 – 3 normal, 1 double, 1 AG
Upgrade 4 – 4 normal, 1 ST
Cakebowl (UK) – hudson TV 115, choose a skill pack before game 1 and before game 4, no stacking:
A) 6 normal
B) 4 normal & 1 double
C) 2 normal and 2 doubles
D) 3 doubles
NAF Championship (UK) – joemanji TV 110, choose one normal skill before each game.
Welsh Open (UK) – hawca TV 110, 48 star player points allocated at the beginning, double skills only allowed as the second skill on a player, max 4 duplicate skills.

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  1. Mark Lucas

    How does our tournament become endorsed by NAF ? We are running a one day tournament in March , Tring Hertfordshire. We are thinking of 3 games (swiss) . Cheers Mark 07976629378


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