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So you have run an awesome Blood Bowl tournament – what next?

You now need to submit the results.  If you struggle with this, or if a NAF official was at the tournament, then they might do it for you, but the more TOs can do it themselves, the better life is!

Individual Games

There are two main upload methods for the games – manual and automatic.  Automatic is way easier and quicker.  If you have used Score or another piece of software, then you can generate an upload file.


  • go to your tournament on
  • click Report Results,
  • choose file for upload.

There might be some error messages, often caused by mistyped membership numbers or similar, so correct those and re-upload.  If you have not used tournament software, there is also a tool by sann0638 that will generate an upload file for you, as long as you have the list of competitors and results (and if you don’t, you’ll struggle to do the manual upload…)

If you are doing it manually. again click on Report Results, then each page will tell you the information to enter, starting with who attended, then what race, then the individual game results.

For automatic or manual game entry, it’s generally best to leave the TV values equal, as this is what almost all tournaments do.  Otherwise tournaments would have to keep track of inducements used etc, and this would be a bit arduous.

Then click on Finalise Results.  Before the results are reflected in the rankings, a NAF official will have to click a button, but this happens very regularly so you shouldn’t have to wait long.  There may also be a delay as the games recalculate, so it could take one or two days until the final calculation filters through.

Tournament Results

Once you have done that, head back to the tournament page, and click Edit.  Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter the winner of various awards.  Most should be self-explanatory, but there are some important exceptions:

  • For Team Tournaments, or joint winners of prizes, click “Add Winner” and another field will appear.  You can do this multiple times.
  • If the Team Tournament also recognizes individual winners, add these at the same time.

We are considering whether additional fields should be allowed to be added (e.g. U16, 3rd place, Best Defence etc).  This is under discussion…


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