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There are various spreadsheets and online tools available for creating rosters for leagues and tournaments.  For leagues, check out the League page.  If you want a one-off roster for a tournament, you could also check out these:

  • Hitonagashi’s TV calculator is an online tool that allows you to create pdfs.
  • The Aros Danish BB league has a nice spreadsheet (top link on external page)
  • Sann0638 has put a BBteams spreadsheet together
  • The Halfling scribe was designed for Leagues but there is now a Halfling Scribe Tournament Version with a bit more flexibility.  The advantage over Aros is it works in OpenOffice.
  • Sumbloke on Ausbowl has made an html version that you don’t need to be online to use – you will need to register on Ausbowl though.
  • On you can find this spreadsheet, which automatically checks skills. If you want one of these made for your tournament, HairyPete would probably be happy to help!
  • A newer one, hosted on TFF, based in Excel, does some nice stuff.
  • Little Army Builder also good.

Choose your favourite!

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