This page is an extension of the Help file for Joris Dorman’s Score programme, with more  examples of scoring, and a guide for using it with NAF tournaments.

The Score programme can be found here.

There is a rezipped filed (which should hopefully work) including Khorne and Bretonnians and a few additional files here.

Joris has said that he is happy for anyone to use the source code to make any changes they feel would benefit Score users. See TFF for his caveat as regards the age of the coding.
The source code can be found here:

This area contains:

  • The main help file, which probably won’t be substantially changed except for putting in links to other pages. This is to help people who are used to using the main help file.
  • Examples of scoring codes used by different tournaments
  • How to personalise the outputs
  • Uploading your tournament results to the NAF site
  • The Spanish Version is now available, thanks to DarthBlu!
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7 thoughts on “Score

  1. David

    Dear all,

    That program is so nice for our tournament. but i need to ask if you could tell me if you know will score be working in windows10?

    Thanking in advance for your help

  2. Justin Gatner (Apothecary)

    Any chance the score program could be built as an app? Pairings could be transmitted to people’s devices and results could be viewed in real time around the world. People could follow their favourite coaches as they play in majors. Heck even rosters could be plugged in to see what coaches brought to the table. Just a thought.

    1. sann0638 Post author

      It’s a good thought! A company called Best Coast Pairings have similar software, and we are in talks with them. Developing it ourselves would take some serious investment though!

      1. Jeffro

        Just downloaded that app of theirs. Are you discussing a complete customization? It looks like they have something for a Bloodbowl Tournament. Am I jumping the gun?

    1. Jeffro

      Also appears that you would need to have each individual buy access to their stuff. So running it is free, but each player pays. I could be wrong – but that appears to be how it works.


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