Are you just starting to play?  Try some of these:

With the current edition of the game being over 20 years old, a few people have learned to play it pretty well!  Learn from their experience:

  • A treasure trove of old-skool BB goodness can be found at Midgardbb.
  • Plasmoid’s site contains at least one playbook for each race, which have been rated by users for how useful they are.
  • Fumbbl coaches have played 1000s of games, in a way that is not possible on tabletop.  Read their distilled wisdom on the racial breakdown page and tactics page.
  • BBtactics is a treasure trove of Blood Bowl wisdom, as you would expect from the name!
  • And a couple of must-read guides – one on The Art Of Blocking, and Fumbbl’s Taouch guide.

If you would rather watch or listen than read, then YouTube is your friend.  There are a few good YouTube channels with Fumbbl, Tabletop and Cyanide footage and commentary.  Choose your favourite from the below, watch all of them, or just search YouTube for BB!

  • CKnoor streams a lot of Cyanide Blood Bowl, which people chat about in-game
  • sann0638 has done a few Fumbbl commentaries, including how to get started
  • Kharkidevil streams BB among other games
  • Ehlers has done some Fumbbl in his time
  • The intriguingly named GNUOrderSA is worth a look
  • You can see the live streamed tabletop games from Eurobowl X via Tom Pellecom

As well as all that, people have also learned to make some amazing models and scenery, and paint them so they look nice!  Here are a few useful tutorials:

  • Nazgob paints the 3rd Edition plastic orcs step by step in his Painting by numbers tutorial.
  • There are lots of amazing stadiums around, with Rev’s step-by-step guide being one of the best.

If you want to illustrate a playbook, you can use a Blood Bowl play creator.  These are some of the best:

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