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NAF committee met to discuss the rules in Death Zone 2, which broadly fall into two categories – roster changes and inducement changes.  As with the previous ruling, we are allowing a two-month adjustment period.

Here is the document explaining the NAF Tournament Rules from August 2017.

Roster Changes

There are small changes to the Chaos Pact and Goblin rosters – a new Orc linemen for Pact and two new positionals for the Goblins.  These roster changes will be optional until the end of July (TOs choice), and then mandatory for NAF tournaments from the beginning of August 2017.

Inducement Changes

All inducements are optional, and this would apply to the new rules.  If they are being included this should be clearly noted in the rules pack.  If the tournament rules pack has already been advertised you should consider whether participants have enough time to adjust, if you decide to include the new inducements.

As with the previous Star Player ruling, if Stars are allowed, from the beginning of August if any Stars are allowed then all Stars from the previous NAF document and DZ2 should be allowed.  Until then the DZ2 Stars are optional for TOs.

Tweaks from Last Time

We have removed the Bugmans’s stars, as with the emergence of other special releases such as the refs, Grak and Crumbleberry, and the White Dwarf and Black Goblin, it would be too difficult to keep up, so are referencing the book releases only.  The Bugman’s stars seemed to fall under the same category as the newer releases, so have made the change for consistency.

We have also clarified that Deeproot does not have the Timmmber skill – we thought it best to keep him CRP until he appears (hopefully soon!) in BB2016.



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13 thoughts on “NAF and Death Zone 2

  1. AngDad

    Hi all
    Could you clarify whether Grak and Crumbleberry and the new goblin with wings are mandatory after July?

      1. Purplegoo

        By ‘Goblin with wings’, I assume Paddy means the Doom Diver. That guy _will_ be mandatory. G&C not. Right? It’s the black Goblin that won’t be. I think.

  2. Purplegoo

    Hi Mike, all,

    Thanks for the update, and for the continued attempt to steer us through tricky times.

    I wanted to ask: what is the endgame here? Eventually, do we intend to just be playing BB2016 (as a full release, box + n DZs) plus Slann (and cards as properly costed inducements, rather than pre-game sequence items, if they’re allowed by a TO at all)?

    For good reasons, it’s very confusing for a new coach right now. We use a skill from the past, we’re using these old, extra stars while the release cycle continues, you can use BB2016 Misc. Mayhem, CRP Misc. Mayhem, no Misc. Mayhem at all, you can have these three stars only seen in one GW tournament rulespacj but not these ones only purchasable from one GW shop… I think a coach needs to be aware of _six documents_ at the moment, and even after that they probably can’t guess what a TO forgets to put in a rulespack they’ve been using for years (they’re rarely exhaustive – I doubt too many have inserted a line about Grak and Crumbleberry for their upcoming event, for instance). It must be a nightmare to navigate.

    Much of that isn’t the fault of the NAF. But I think ‘here is where we’re eventually going to end up, our bridging plan is flexible and here it is’ would be a useful communication. Especially if we as coaches are becoming attached to elements of the bridging plan. For instance, if I am using Frank N’ Stein every tournament and he never makes a DZ book, I’m probably going to be upset if one day the NAF says ‘that’s it: we are now BB2016’ with little warning. Equally, if I am a new coach in 2020 and
    these NAF dinosaurs are still using elements of a long since unofficial ruleset to keep a minority happy, I’m probably going to be annoyed or put off.


  3. Purplegoo

    Apologies for the typo and formatting – WordPress, Y U no edit function?! 🙂

  4. Drakeular

    The Bugman’s Star Players are not listed on this document when they were on the NAFRulesFeb17.pdf. Are they now not allowed or just left out by mistake?

    1. sann0638 Post author

      Not mandatory or recommended, would need to be specifically chosen by a TO. Have updated the wording in the post.

  5. Stan (winkle_picka)

    Hi Mike,

    Just following on from Phils post.

    Instead of having the 2 update documents, can we have one living document? With an index of changes, rather multiple documents.

    For example the Feb update has the Bugman Stars in, August doesn’t.

    Also little things could do with a bit of clarity,

    For example “The BB2016 decks are of different strengths, so the TO will need to decide appropriate costs
    for each deck that is being used.” is in Aug, while Feb is ” BB2016 Special Play cards or neither. It is noted that the BB2016 Special Play cards are essentially a 200k deck and a 50k deck and should be costed as such, if included at all” So maybe guide on what is recommended costing for each deck.

    Also does BB2016 decks refer to jut the BB2016 box set or the two packs which are available to purchase?

    Morg in BB2016 he will play for anyone, in CRP anyone that cant hire Ramtut. which rule set is in force?

    Special pitches and weather tables – what is the position?

    “Games Workshop have released stand-alone miniatures that are not part of the sequence of rules books” – It may help to provide an index of these players so TOs can make an informed choice.

    I know how much of a pain it is currently, i am currently trying to keep an up-to date list of all the rules for the GBBL, and the special stars, event only cards, pitches/weather tables , rules from WD, it goes on and on. You should see my flow chart for pre-match is you used all the optional rules 🙂



    1. sann0638 Post author

      The update is the living document, but perhaps this should be made clearer. This supercedes the previous document.

      On your points:
      – there are now more decks than it is reasonable to provide a cost for, and so TOs will have to decide this themselves
      – the Bugman’s stars have been removed
      – we should probably have referenced pitches, refs and weather tables, and will review this at the next meeting. TO optional.
      – it’s a good question about Morg, well spotted. I would hope that when Undead are released that Morg’s rules will be updated that he can’t play for them, but until then you’re right, we’ll review that.

  6. Phrygerator

    Hi Mike,

    Just thought I’d ask some clarifying questions regarding stars. In Death Zone Season Two in particular, there are a couple of stars that seem nearly identical to older stars. For example, Karla Von Kill/Zara the Slayer or Glart Smashrip/Glart Smash-up Jr or Fezglitch/Kreek Rustgouger. Can you confirm that these stars are unique and can thus both be taken in a tournament setting? Has there been discussion about removing the “old” stars and only allowing the BB16 versions?


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