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Dear Members,

It is time to start the election for our League Director

The time-table will be as follows:

-June 4th nominations open
-June 18th nominations end, Q&A begins
-July 1st election opens, Q&A will continue
-July 9th (20:00 CEST) election ends

There will be separate threads for both Nominations, Q&A and the final election. Aside of this there will be a thread where all discussion on the nominees, the questions and the answers can take place.

For the record, the role of League Director from the latest NAF Charts:

League Director (Elected Position)
• Keeps relationship with league commissioners and representatives
• Oversees league related projects
• Promotes league related events
• Assists Administrative Officers with planning and initializing event(s)
• Any other ‘specific-need’ responsibility as deemed by the NAF President
• Advises on NAF strategy and planning

in addition (not in charter):
• Coordinates Updates to the NAFLM tool
• Approves Leagues in the NAFLM tool
• Assists League commissioners and representatives with NAFLM tool

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2 thoughts on “League Director Election

    1. sann0638 Post author

      Aside from the above, committee meetings once every 6 weeks or so, to drive NAF strategy. Then you have the ability to implement things that you think would be good for Blood Bowl leagues in general, so ideas and commitment are important!

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