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NAF Committee 26th Feb 17
Present: Mike (MD), Paul (PG), Torsten (TB), Jonas (JS), Nate (NB)
– Ready to be published in the next few weeks
– NAFC likely to be biggest single person event in years
– Large increase in payments in the last 2-3 months and new members
– MD commissioning software developers to sort out problems with the Members Area and add new functionality
UK Tournament Clashes
– More calendar conflicts happening because of the re-release
– It was agreed that there should be more flexibility for “first-time tournaments” being offered NAF sanctioning, under the proviso that they take other tournaments into account in future
– JS been working on this with Steve. Software all working, will be rolled out next Saturday morning NZ time, so overnight Friday to Saturday.
– Jonas has taken over the Admin role for creating new leagues. Around 5 new leagues in last 2-3 weeks.
World Cup
– (will publish minutes after the deadline)
– We are monitoring the availability of the different dice colours in order to manage supply
– TB to do a proper audit after the NAFC, and then distributors can have more when they say how much of each
24 Patches etc
– American organiser has produced some “NAF 24” dice to be donated to those who have done it
– To be sent to MD to distribute
Problems with a Member
– Previously, people have been banned from being NAF members
– We should encourage local dealing with it, offering support where necessary
Next meeting
– Tuesday 11th April, 2030 CET

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