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We are about to update the general NAFLM template to 2016 rules. This includes

  • changing human, halfling and skaven rosters, and
  • adding the 3 bugman stars and Guffle Pussmaw.

The changes will appear in all leagues and cannot be prohibited system wise. Just ignore them if you are not planning to use the changes in your league. Reverting to a 70k human catcher needs to be done manually by the commissioner.

In order to use the new redrafting rules season end will need to be done on paper and then reconciled to the teams. ‘Wants to retire’ can be recorded in the player’s profile until a more comprehensive system is implemented in the future.

The servers will be updated on 10th March 2017.

Download PDF

One thought on “NAFLM Update to BB2016 rules

  1. Marc Zukerman

    Is this file available anywhere so that those leagues that are running on non-NAF servers can download?

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