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“Hey Blood Bowl friends! Last weekend I`ve been at the Fulginium Bowl…”
” I…I…I…..?  It`s WE since the beginning of our life with two heads……I told you every time!”
” Ups, sorry you`re right, so WE have been at the Fulginium Bowl near Forli in Italy….and wow….it´s one of the  best Blood Bowl
tournaments we`ve ever played! The yournament is famous in Italy for the food……20  dishes at saturday evening after game 4….!
“Oh yes, we must ask the NAF for a new skill for our Chaos Pact team, it`s not the two heads that would help during this tournament…we need two stomachs!!!!
” So, yes we want to get two stomachs to go there next year again….NAF
do you hear me….äh…. us….. do you hear us….. we want a change in
the living rulebook!”
“….it`s only a little change, just one more mutation, come on Sann,
let’s be straight, you can do it if you want!”
“Bread, salami, cheese with ?, cheese with nuts, mortadella, olives with
pieces of oranges, omelette with truffles, bread with spinach, soup with
beans, pieces of fresh oranges, and ….
“I know it, I know it……don`t forget the homemade ravioli, the
homemade tagliatelle, the cheese from the oven, the oven tomatoes, the
meat, the zucchini, the oven potatoes  with the taste of oil and salt, pieces of chocolate, zabaione, and the fresh ananas……..two stomachs are not enough! We need four stomachs..”
” …do you hear the 2 players/ musicians  singing during the meal? With a ukulele and a tambourine they sing a freestyle song about every player in their own Italian town accent…
….didn`t understand a word but it was really great.”
” Yes and it  was also the wonderful atmosphere in the room we´ve played in, have you seen the oven and the masterchef at the end of the room, 4 metres away from the pitch…100 % italy!”
“Since our short goblin life, we`ve never been the same opinion, could it be the first time?”
“Yes, you`re right….and the wonderful hotel rooms, oh oh oh so beautiful, falling in sleep in a few seconds, didn`t hear you snoring for the first time!”
” I wasn`t sleeping, my stomach feels like a doubledecker!”
“Mmmh ? We`ve the same stomach! I didn`t feel anything?”
“….and the players, thanks to all of you! You we`re fantastic! 52 coaches from italy, malta, belgium, england and our coach from germany ”
“Did you see …..our coach was enjoying every second of the tournament! He was only in a shirt, sitting in the sun, for him it was like a German summer day!”
” Yes, coming from the dark and cold Teutonic woods, it was a pleasure for every player of our Chaos Pact team”
” For the 4 maltese coaches it was cold, they wear jackets….it was Europe during a Blood bowl tournament….wonderful!!!”
“Let`s talk about the organisation during the tournament”
” Yes, fantastic work from Leonida and his team”
” 4 games at saturday with food breaks and 3 games at sunday with a meal is not easy to organise, Leonida….you and your team did a really great job! Grazie mille.”
” So next year we`re coming back with two heads and two or three stomachs!”
” You must tell something about our prize!”
” Our prize? Ah ja…äh yes…, our Chaos Pact team was the best Chaos Pact team in the tournament and we win a wonderful medal, like every team with minimum 2 coaches”
” It was such a surprise….how many Chaos Pact teams are playing in the tournament 20 ?”
” No…let me think äh……….ähm…..äh…….all together …just a moment……..all together………. 2 Chaos Pact teams!”
“…and we got the medal….I love it…btw where is the medal…?”
“…around my neck”
“…around your neck? It was our medal….I want it around my neck!
” No, the medal is around my neck…and that`s the place it has to be …”
” No no no no give me the medal….I want the medal”
……and so on and so on…….

Grazie mille for the wonderful tournament from the coach peterd

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One thought on “Fulginium Bowl 10

  1. Giuseppe CALCAGNO

    thanks to you Peterd, your presence at Fulginium Bowl, as that of the other foreign coaches, itwas a very big gift for me that made me very very happy.

    thanks, thanks and thaks to you again!!!

    sarai e sarete sempre i benvenuti al Fulginium Bowl!!!! (you will always be welcome at Fulginium Bowl!!!)

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