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OK, so this is quite an emotional moment for me.  Not up there with my wedding, or the birth of my children, but in terms of Blood Bowl this is alongside reffing at the World Cup or winning my first tournament (both good things).  This is why I am indulging myself by writing a personal post on the NAF site (something I’ve mostly avoided).

About 5 years ago I got seriously involved in the NAF as Media Officer, having been a member since March 2007, and I got involved because i wanted to make it better.  One of the big improvements I was keen on was the website, and I was really pleased when the WordPress version of the site came along, and i was able to gather as much BB-related info in one place as i could.  It has its critics, but I believe it is the best portal to BB content that there is.

Anyway, the other was a longer time coming, which was to make the Members Area something more, and we’re now pretty much there.  We have Online tournaments being added, and today the new-look Coach Page is unveiled, with a record of tournament success, and bringing into the open items such as Head to Head, which has been there forever but only if you have known where to look.

So big thanks to Tiago from IE Solutions, who has been working with the NAF on this, and has delivered the Variant rankings, fixed the online sign up, along with a load of other stuff that had been “not-quite-right” ever since i became involved with the NAF.

There are more developments to come, but this is a significant change, and I wanted to celebrate it.  So lastly, if you have won any awards, please nag your TOs to log on, go to the Tournament, click Edit, scroll down then add your names.  It’s that simple. I’m off to add the Majors (not that I’ve won any, grumble grumble…)

Happy Blood Bowling!


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10 thoughts on “New Coach Page

  1. Purplegoo

    It’s certainly a start. I have two questions:

    Firstly, it looks like this is only going to be as good as TOs make it. What is the plan to fill in the gaps where past or future TOs don’t fill in the award winners? I like to think I’m a relatively conscientious TO, but I don’t know that I can remember who won a Stunty Cup seven years ago. At least I’m still in the game and someone might be able to remind me, I suspect there are lot of TOs no longer with the NAF (or future TOs who aren’t engaged enough to bother with this). It may well be a bit of a damp squib if only half of the data ever goes in?

    Secondly, it seems as if work is going into the ‘old’ website. While I’m not as interested in this subject as some, there was a an awful lot of chat from you when elected that you were the man to deliver the NAF a new website. Is this time investment a signal that isn’t going to happen?


    1. sann0638 Post author

      1) Yes, only as good as the TO. I would hope that the 2 minutes it adds to future tournaments wouldn’t be a problem. If individuals want their own victories added, there are numerous NAF staff who can do this, but it will obviously take time.
      2) I had received assurances that a new website was going to be done on a voluntary basis. It didn’t happen, so we had to pay. It was more cost effective to develop what we already had, so we did.

  2. Shane

    I do like the new page but Bearded Snot isn’t on at all, Valen has Bearded Snot 2 in his tourney organisation instead of me, and a tourney I canceled is in my list. Just small things and not huge as I know you have worked hard on this. Great job 🙂

    1. sann0638 Post author

      It goes from whoever put it on the NAF site, sorry about that – only way of being able to do it automatically! Bearded Snot must have gone somewhere else…

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