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From 1st Feb 2017 NAF tournament should use this rules pack, which brings the collection of BB2016 rules up to the same level of completeness as CRP, and deals with some of the rule changes in BB2016:  NAFRulesFeb17

Thank you to ManticoreRich for putting the graphics together.

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5 thoughts on “NAF Rules from 1st Feb 17

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  2. Graham Thomson (Garrick)

    Excellent support document for the competitive community which can be used either with either the CRP and / or BB2016 rules.

    One minor observation: Guffle Pusmaw is being adopted in the NAF tournament rules pack but I cannot see his stats anywhere in the document which would be useful if you were using this document with the CRP rules (rather than the more unwieldy BB2016 rules). Please can his stats be added to this revision?

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