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Road to the NAFC 2017

The first Online NAF tournament of 2017 is to be our recurring favourite, as once we once again travel the Road to the NAF Championship! The tournament will kick off on Monday January 23rd, and once again you can win your ticket to the NAFC (or other NAF Major of your choosing – see below).

The rulespack for our tournament can be found attached, and is summarised below.

The FUMBBL group page has an FAQ section, and you can ask any questions in the NAF, TFF or FUMBBL forums. I hope you’ll make 2017 the year where you join us in playing Online NAF tournaments!

Rulespack Summary

  • Non-progression Blood Bowl!
  • Team treasury: 1.10 M gold. All inducements are permitted except Special Play Cards, Mercenaries and Team Wizards
  • Format: 6 games of Swiss in approximately 30 team groups formed according to timezone preference (Europe, America, Australasia), followed by a playoff to determine an overall winner
  • Weekly rounds
  • Skill package as per the NAFC – 3 normal skills before game 1, 2 normal skills and a double before game 4
  • The winner will receive a free ticket to the NAFC ’17, worth £55. The NAF have generously offered to substitute this prize with a free ticket to the winner’s local NAF Major tournament!

You can make a team and apply to the tournament right now! All teams regardless of timezone should be made via this link, and then coaches wishing to play in European timezones should apply here, North American timezones here, and Oceanic timezones here.

NAFC Reminder

Full NAF Championship details can be found via the rulespack found here, or by contacting Hawca via the NAF site or TalkFantasyFootball. Get involved in this, the biggest of BB parties!

RTTNAFC 2017 Rulespack

Download PDF