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Is there a way for me like myself to add Homebrew Star Players to my league in OBBLM? It would be great if my coaches could access our own Star players through OBBLM. Any Players that reach level 5 and retire are allowed to be used as Star players in other matches. I am not really literate in programming. Any help would be appreciated!!


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Does it seem like every time you “Go-For-It” you land on your feet? For some player’s that sinking feeling in the pit of their stomach seems to happen every turn in a match. But in actuality it’s still happening only 1 in 6 times.
Consider this: I play a friend who goes for it (GFI) with almost all of his players every turn. Let’s say, for arguments sake, that he GFIs with only five players a turn. At that rate, he would GFI 80 times in a single match. Now, if you go by the 1 in 6 rule, then he would fail his GFIs 13.3 times! If, however, he only GFIs with one player, once a turn, he would GFI 16 times in a match. At that rate he would fail GFIs 2.6 times a match. That’s a big difference!

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Golden Gauntlet UK – *NEW* Tournament Series Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail



A brand new tournament series for the whole of UK Blood Bowl. Golden Gauntlet UK is here!

See NAF information about Tournament Series on the site.

All UK NAF coaches are eligible to score GGUK points at every UK NAF tournament which qualifies to award a NAF trophy as per NAF guidelines. In addition, a set of ten established and well attended tournaments will award double points in all categories. These ten tournaments are the Classics.

Nine of the Classics are a fixed set of well-established and well attended events, distributed around the UK to represent the different tournament playing regions. These are divided as follows: three southern English, three northern English, one English midlands, one Welsh and one Scottish. In addition, the 10th Classic is a Wildcard, typically a smaller tournament chosen each year by the NAF Tournament Coordinators group.

The GGUK Classics are as follows…

Southern England:
-Albion Coast Cup
-Gert Bowl

English Midlands:
-The NAF Championship

Northern England:
-UK Team Challenge

-Burger Bowl

-Welsh Open

2015/16 Wildcard:
-Geordie Bowl

Points scoring is cumulative; there is no limit to the number of tournaments coaches can score in. The intention is to award pure gaming results but also other aspects of the wider hobby which are traditionally recognised at tournaments, as follows:

-1st place 25 pts
-2nd place 18 pts
-3rd place 15 pts
-4th place 12 pts
-5th place 10 pts
-6th place 8 pts
-7th place 6 pts
-8th place 4 pts
-9th place 2 pts
-10th place 1 pt
-Best Painted Team or Stunty Cup win 10 pts
-Most Touchdowns or Most Casualties win 5 pts
-All scores in all categories at a Classic tournament are doubled

GGUK will start after NAFC 2015 with Cake Bowl V set to be the first scoring tournament on the first weekend of June. The highest points scorer at the end of the year will be awarded a Golden Gauntlet trophy and a suitable prize (both of which I hope to procure by then!) at NAFC 2016.

Here’s hoping people will find this fun!

Also see for more details and discussion:


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Eurobowl Captains/Go-between group Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

On TFF there was (is) a separate sub-forum for the captains (or their designated stand-in) to discuss Eurobowl matters in public. Unfortunately the original group has corrupted and no longer functions, so I’m having to remake the group.

So can all captains (or their designated stand-in) please post to this thread on TFF so I can repopulate the group.

Cheers, Darkson

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South-West Tournament Championship 2014 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

The Welsh Open in January, ARBBL in March, Cakebowl in June, Gert Bowl in July, The ACC in August and The Exiles Open in September are running the South West Tournament Championship (SWTC) again this year.

In short, by attending at least three of the six events you are entered in to the Championship. Your top three results (with the exceptions below) will be scored and the top coach will win a trophy to be presented in September at the Exiles Open (or as soon as possible if not attending).

To qualify for the SWTC you must attend at least 3 of the 6 mentioned tournaments. Your three highest placings in the ones you attend will used for your score; however there must be at least two different races in those three. If you take Wood Elves (for example) for a third time your lowest score with them will drop off and not be considered, or if you take Skaven to all seven only two will be considered for the SWTC score.

The coach who places first will receive 10 points, second 9 points, third 8 points and so on down to 10th place winning 1 point. Everyone else scores 0. Then every coach is awarded a bonus point for every full 10 players below them in the ranking. Finally every 0 is changed to 1.
This means everyone scores for playing and those that top the tables at larger events (inherently harder to do) earns a few more points to reflect the extra challenge.
For example, the top placed player in a 32-man tournament will gain 13 points (10+3), whereas the winner of 20-man tournament will gain 11 points (10+1).

Alongside this (and separately – looking at you Mr Glowworm 😉 ) is the SWTC Stunty Cup. The highest placed Stunty Coach will receive 10 points, second place 9 points third 8 points and so on down to 10th place winning 1 point. Everyone else scores 0. Then every coach is awarded a bonus point for every full 10 players below them in the ranking. Finally every 0 is changed to 1. The “two races” caveat on the main score is dropped in the case of Stunties. Qualifying Stunty teams are Goblins, Halflings, Ogres, Lizards with no Saurus and Underworld with no Skaven.
For example, a Stunty coach finishes 8th in a 20 man tournament where there are 5 stunty coaches. For the main list he earns 4 points (3+1). For the Stunty Cup he earns 11 points (10+1).

Any planned “one-day only” coaches (historically @ARBBL) will not be counted for the number of coaches in a tournament – coaches who just don’t show will.

After the points are counted at Exiles Open in September a trophy will be awarded to the highest placed Coach and Stunty Coach.

I hope all that makes sense to everyone, if it doesn’t please ask here and one of the organisers will, hopefully, pop in and answer any queries.

Qualifying tournaments:
Welsh Open, 25th/26th January
ARBBL Open 2014, 1st/2nd March
Cakebowl 4, 7th/8th June
Gert Bowl IV – No Hope, 19th/20th July
Albion Coast Cup X, 23rd/24th August
Exiles Open 6(66): Dead Rising, 13th/14th September

Latest standings:






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Lutecebowl 2013 Review Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

After a couple of months, here is the review of the Lutecebowl X. 
TournoiIt has been held during the last week-end of June 2013 in an old rehabilitated farm that has now become a event hosting structure. A massive crowd of 180 coaches and 20 staff organisergathered to play in this “team of 5” competition with a sunny weather.

This year’s Lutecebowl highlights were the creation of the “No reroll association” by the players of the Condate League, and the AllThePresidentMenspresence of a strong “All the president’s men” team, claiming the title after being the runners up in 2012.

A great many thanks to all the players, and especially to the two english teams that came up to the center of France for this tournament : “All the president’s men” – led by Naf président Lycos, and “Rosbifs !” led by Thrudball’s organizer Frank Hill !

See you all at the Lutèce Bowl XI !! (14 & 15th of June 2014)

Here are the official results :
Team n°1 : All the president’s men (Joemanji, Geggster, Jimjimany, Lycos, Purplegoo)
Team n°2 : Pilous (Miyata, Bouzzy, Chavrouze51, Rippersly, Talkarde)
Team n°3 : Lutece Noobz (Knox, Darktroll, Longshot, Titouch, Willem)
Most casualties team : Amazing Tauliers (Flo, Baltus, Colonel Castor, Lord Fantur, Tosty)
Last team : Bloodbowl and Caux (C3PO, Obi-Wan, R2, Sénéchal Kong, Témür)

DendrobatsPainting contest n°1 : Gilko – Dendrobates (slaans)
Painting contest n°2 : Teufane – Adeptes de la Malepierre (skavens)
Painting contest n°3 : The Berserk Elves – Crocos Proctos (Hommes Lezards)
Loto : Popov

Best individual : Jordel (4 479 pts)
Bashlord (most casualties): Lord fantur (25 casualties)
Fanafriel (Most touchdowns) : Teufane (17 TD)
Golden Cleated Shoe (most fouling casualties) : Cynic (11 fouling casualties)
Expidel (most passes) : JC (11 passes)
Best Stunty : El Keupon (121 eme)
Sheriff Star (wooden spoon) : Tosty (17 pts)

Team ranking
individual ranking

a few links :
A superb review writen by Purplegoo (Captain of eurobowl 2013 english team)
The official french debriefing (in french :P) with lots of infos
A video of the ceremony (that illustrates clearly well my lack of skills in english)
The “Team of 5” pictures
The painting contest pictures

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NAF Championship 2014 – 17th & 18th May Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

The 17th and 18th May 2014 sees the return of the NAF Championship to Nottingham, England. The tournament is the spiritual successor GW’s own Blood Bowl major and is one of the most popular, prestigious and widely attended solo-player tournaments in the world. Seventy-five tickets have already been sold to coaches from around the world, with people flying in from nations including the USA, Denmark, Sweden, Switzerland, Poland, Germany, Italy, France and Spain.


We hope to smash last year’s attendance of 158 people and always aim to put on the Blood Bowl party of the year! It is a chance to meet up with old friends and make new ones from throughout the international community. We have at least two trade sellers confirmed for the event this year, and will be supplying the usual mix of free gifts, prizes, painting competitions and beer. The event is held in a professional conference centre and we have arranged discounted rates at the 4-star hotel next door for participants. The discounted rooms are running out fast, so don’t miss out. You can find more details on the NAF Members Area or on our dedicated subforum on

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Chaos Cup 2013 Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Chaos Cup 2013!

The United States NAF Major was once again held in the Chicago suburb of Palatine at the Holiday Inn Express. Each year there is a theme of Chaos Cup dedicated to a Chaos God. Last year was filthy Nurgle, this year was all about the excess of Slaanesh. 75 coaches were in attendance, including Team Sweden cleaning up in the awards dept, plus Spain, Denmark, Canada, and several US states were represented.

As the Chaos Cup tournament organizer, I feel it’s getting easier each year as I understand what it means to not only run an event of this magnitude, but also plan properly for merchandise. All attendees received custom dice, coin, patch, counters, resin token, dugout, chaos all star coach, and dice cup.

Full pics and results can be found at

Hope to see you in September 2014 for the year of Tzeentch!

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Blingtoof’s Gitbash 3: Goblin Fouling Mayhem! Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Do you like goblins? Do you like fouling downed opponents? Then Blingtoof’s Gitbash is the tournament for you! The Gitbash is a goblin-themed Blood Bowl tournament taking place in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada on Saturday, November 2nd. This year, the Gitbash is a one-day, four game tournament that is taking place at Hammercon, a fantastic annual game convention at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in downtown Hamilton. Participation in the tournament is free with paid admission to the convention (a Saturday-only pass will run you $25 if you pre-register today) and all tournament attendees are also invited to the Blingtoof After-Party which will be held in a suite at the convention.

The tournament is a resurrection-style event with an 1140TV with a skill pack. Why the wonky starting TV, you may ask. Well, this is a goblin-themed tournament, after all, so every team must come to the pitch with at least one Goblin on its roster! Goblins cost 40K so it only seemed fair to subsidize that amount. The Blingtoof’s Gitbash website at has the full rules but, essentially, each team that doesn’t already have Goblins on its list of available players may purchase 1-16 standard Goblins for their roster. Furthermore, teams without at least three goblins on the roster can’t give Big Guys upgrades other than normal skills! The other important aspect of the tournament is that fouling is practically mandatory and the second-highest prestige award at the event goes to the coach whose team does the most fouling.

Space is limited as we’re taking up space at a convention so please register today at the Hammercon website at Come on out and put the boots to your downed opponents and hear the lamentations of their women (which you can then put the boots to).

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ARBBL goes Chaos Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

One thing that’s always bothered me in Blood Bowl is that Chaos isn’t, well, chaotic. I understand why mutations aren’t random from a balance point of view, but it always bothered me. My club-mates, also being ornery old gamers like myself, felt the same.

So, inspired by both the WFB “Path to Glory” rules given out many years ago by White Dwarf, and the random nature of mutations in 2nd edition Blood Bowl, we made a set of rules to bring the Chaos back to Blood Bowl. The first season we just had Chaos teams, but for the second time round, we allowed any race to “turn to Chaos”. This allowed delights such as:
An Obese WE lino, to jog alongside his Short Legs Wardancer friend,
A Skink with Spikes and Wings, that has to get out of the way of his Fire-breathing team-mate,
A Witch Elf with natural Carapace armour,
A snotling that’s grown to Big Guy size,
And a Centauroid Orc Blitzer with tentacles and his two-headed lino team-mate.

It also allowed the modellers within the club to go wild and wacky with their bits boxes (and I really need to find the pics of them).

If you’re interested in giving the rules a go, they can be found at , along with the weather rules we used alongside them.
A warning though: if you’re looking for a balanced set of house-rules, these aren’t for you.

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Exiles Open 5: Werewolf Strikes Back Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

The Exiles Open 5 has been and gone. It was hard work this year and I was beginning to be put off the whole thing, but a great weekend I am doing it again next year.
Check out the link for a few photos from the weekend, courtesy of Darkson as I didn’t take any all weekend!

And congratulations to Hawk for his NAF Tournament win, with 4 wins and 2 draws!

Full results:
Tournament Champion – Hawk (420)
Runner Up – SensiHoiMonkey (also 420 lost out on the tiebreaker)
Stunty Cup Winner – Besters (defended title from last year)
Glowworm Award – Merrick

Most CAS caused – DeeTee (22)
Most CAS taken – scs.sam (29)

Most TD’s scored – canteloup (17)
Most TD’s conceded – Rumble (14)
Best Defence – SensiHoiMonkey (4 TD’s conceded)

Red Card Magnet – Hawk (13 players sent off)

Wooden Spoon – Rumble

– Lunchmoney

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