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Further developments on the NAF website!

For a while, there have been some tournaments around the world played as Sevens, Streetbowl, or pure Dungeonbowl tournaments.  Now, for the first time, these tournaments have their own rankings.

The main (and default) “Variant” is still “Blood Bowl”, and so the vast majority of games in the database will not be affected, but we now have a world #1 Sevens coach, and so on as well!

NB: This is still in development, so there may be some error-testing still needed.

This is also the first stage in adding the Online games from the Fumbbl NAF tournaments, and these will be uploaded soon, with “Online” being an additional Variant.

There is a small amount of manual work needed to implement the Online tournaments, as we need to populate a table matching NAF nicknames and Fumbbl nicknames.  This will be done electronically in the future, but if you would like to help, do let sann know (comment below…)

The individual coach page is still in development to show this change.


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4 thoughts on “Variant Rankings

  1. ramchop

    This seems broken to me. Sevens ranking is not sevens only. I’ve played one 7s tournament with goblins. If I had a 7s ranking it should have started at 150 for this tournament, it didn’t, it used my BB goblin ranking at the start.

    Similarly Blood Bowl variant, includes results from sevens which is a bit silly.

    Having said that, I am the #1 goblin 7s coach in NZ (I’m also the worst ranked NZ goblin 7s coach)

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