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Thanks to the organisers – should be useful for anyone planning a large tournament:

  1. Make a reasonable budget for the event and also to estimate how many coaches would make the trip.
  2. With Eurobowl, the EurOpen tournament is a good way to get enough people to have the economy for a good venue.
  3. Make the travel to be as convenient as possible – think about local players as well as international travellers
  4. Consider communication with venue staff as an important consideration – the needs of a BB tournament can be quite particular.
  5. Have regular meetings to hand out tasks and update each other on where we were on everything already decided. Also smaller groups that work with specific tasks such as the rules.
  6. Have one main guy responsible for everything.
  7. Have a lead on contact with players.
  8. Have someone in charge of the graphics and gift bag
  9. Keep control of the catering, especially “non-playing extras”.  Food tickets rather than just relying on badges is recommended.
  10. People like a painting competition, but it’s also important to say whether or not there will be one beforehand – be explicit about this.
  11. Be clear about what prizes you will have – most TDs, Casualties etc.
  12. The score sheets – the big question is preprinted or generated per round


  • No printer needed on the day

Printed per round:

  • Score entry matches the spreadsheet/score
  • Clear about who is playing whom
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