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Dungeonbowl Highlanderturnement

Our final online NAF tournament of 2016 is our third partnership of the year with a NAF major. This time, the Dungeonbowl! This post should contain everything you need to know to enter the Dungeonbowl Highlanderturnement (there can only be one!), and to be in with a chance of winning some great physical, Dungeonbowl prizes.

The rulespack for our tournament can be found attached, and is summarised below.

The FUMBBL group page has an FAQ section, and you can ask any questions about the tournament or the Dungeonbowl in the NAF, TFF or FUMBBL forums. Come, join the fun!

Rulespack Summary

  • Individual, non-progression Blood Bowl!
  • Team treasury: 1.15 M gold. All inducements are permitted except Special Play Cards and Team Wizards, but…
  • …Every team will receive a free Special Play Card before each game! Tier 1 teams may only select a ‘Magic Item’, tier 2 and 3 teams may instead choose a ‘Dirty Trick’
  • Format: The DH is a straight KO tournament! In the event of a tie, overtime will be played
  • Weekly rounds
  • Skill package: 4 normal skills, 2 doubles


  • The winner will receive a free ticket to the Dungeonbowl 2017
  • The runner up will win a Dungeonbowl themed pitch
  • The losing semi-finalists will win an exclusive Dungeonbowl 2016 mini


  • You can make a team and apply to the tournament right now! Teams should be made via this link, and then applied here.

What is the Dungeonbowl?

Need you ask?!

The Dungeonbowl is one of five yearly NAF majors, and is held every April in Dusseldorf, Germany. It features good organisation, German beer and a final in a Dungeon… What’s not to love?!

The Dungeonbowl 2017 takes place over the weekend of April 8/9, and you can read about it here.



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