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New to Blood Bowl?  Brilliant!  Here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions:

  • The rules are fundamentally the same as all editions since 1993 – if you have played with block dice, you have played basically the current game.
  • The most up to date rules are from GW – they are composed of the rules in the box, the rules in Death Zone Season 1, the Errata, and the rosters in Teams of Legend – the last two can be found on  Also see the FAQ on that site and the Clarifications to answer a lot of the most common questions.  Leagues may have a few tweaks to these (house rules), and to play in NAF tournaments, see here, which includes details of the Competition Rules Pack (CRP).  All races are still playable.
  • If you want to see a quick run through of a game, try this video.
  • For tactics, including which skills to take when, and how to play with particular races, see this page for links.
  • There is the 2nd Edition standard for colour coding bases – red blitzers, green blockers, white throwers, grey/black linemen, yellow catchers.  There are variation to this, but that is the standard.  You don’t have to use it however, and the most important thing is that the positions can be differentiated from each other.
  • The current released figures by GW are Humans, Orcs and Skaven.  Dwarfs are to be next in Q1 2017, with other races to follow.
  • The new board is bigger than the old board (34mm v 29mm per square).  It is however still 26 x 15 squares, and this has no effect on the rules.  All old figures can still be used, and the new figures can still be used on the old board with a bit of a squeeze!  The bases for any players can be any size you like – it is irrelevant to game play, and just depends on fitting the players on the board.
  • As stated in the FAQ, it is common practice to turn players round after using them to avoid using the same player twice!  There are a few other conventions too…

And here is a summary of some useful links from here and beyond.  Trying to provide all the most useful information, so there may be repeats from above!

  • IMG_3525The NAF (you are here) is the global network of BB players, have a look around the site.
  • The new GW boxed set came out at the end of 2016, with fundamentally the same rules.  See the link for full information!
  • If you want to see a quick summary video of how to play, and some basic tactics, check out these by sann0638 on YouTube.
  • The current rules are called the Competition Rules Pack, or CRP, and are available in various places on the internet.
  • If you want to…
  • If you have any questions or want to talk about Blood Bowl, check out the Facebook group or one of the many forums around.  For specific NAF questions, contact your local NAF representative through the NAF forum private messaging.
  • There’s then a whole selection of other other stuff on here – Podcasts, Playbooks and Tutorials, References, Roster tools, and all the news on the right hand side.


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