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OBBLM is the Online Blood Bowl League Manager, and is the mostly widely used way of managing the teams and statistics for your tabletop Blood Bowl league.  There is a wiki for how to install it and use it, but this page is the NAF’s attempt to simplify the process as much as possible to help out as many leagues as we can!

If you want to get online, you have 3 main options, depending on how comfortable you are with making changes to websites:


  1. Use
  2. Sign up for
  3. Install OBBLM on your own existing webpage

NAF – Hosted OBBLM

See here for full details.

For $5 a year you can get your own OBBLM site, hosted by, which comes with OBBLM installed.  You can then configure the code for this site either through the online File Manager or through ftp access, and the NAF Admins or the OBBLM creators can help with this process.  This will allow you to have your own picture at the top and your own title to the webpage, for example.  You can be guided through the process here.

Installing OBBLM

The code for OBBLM is freely available, and you can install it on your own webspace.  You can then make any changes you want to the code to allow for house rules, different displays, and anything else you are able to programme!

Download PDF

22 thoughts on “Using OBBLM

  1. Murray Campbell

    Sann0638 – I’m playing in the CHOP league, and we need to update our Banner Page on OBBLM to show the results of our current season. Can you help?

  2. Crouch

    When first downloading OBBLM, I used the Wiki/User Guide link from here, then clicked on “Downloading OBBLM”.
    Installation didn’t work, because of a known issue (now fixed) with header.php file (more info :

    It seems the nicholasmr repository is not maintained anymore, but there is a fork called theNAF which is.
    To avoid such issue for new people downloading OBBLM, I think it would be nice to get a link here to download the OBBLM file directly from theNAF fork. Would it be possible to add it here ?

  3. NickJMereel

    Hi all. I already use OBBLM hosted via Mercury. But how do I get the site updated with the new NAF interface improvements? Are these live yet of course too? Cheers – NickJMereel

  4. NickJmereel

    Hiya. Is there a forum for technical discussions etc on this? I have a few questions but dont want to spam this page 😊 cheers.

  5. Julio Carvallo

    Hi I’m new on this.
    I’m trying to set up a league and having this message while configuring it on OBBLM

    Oh Noes! The league administration module has failed the ptid!=stid check. Please alert your administrator!

    How does I solve this problem?

  6. Peter

    Any information on when the rules changes will make it into the NAF OBBLM kit for self install ? WIll there be an upgrade process for existing installations ?


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