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NAF and Death Zone 2

NAF committee met to discuss the rules in Death Zone 2, which broadly fall into two categories – roster changes and inducement changes.  As with the previous ruling, we are allowing a two-month adjustment period. Here is the document explaining … Continue reading

Thrudball Results Facebooktwittergoogle_plusmail

Thrudball Results! Top 4 as shown below! Winner – Itchen Runner-up – Rubick 3rd – Cornish Glowworm – Oon Best Team – The French Most Casualties – Nazgob Most Touchdowns – ddark Stunty Cup – Twelfman Best Thrudling – Enderman Dockbowl … Continue reading

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Work on Rankings

As mentioned in the last few NAF minutes, there is a lot of work being done on the NAF rankings, which is causing some instability at the moment.  Some games are missing from people’s profiles, and the numbers will occasionally … Continue reading

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NAF Minutes July 2017

Meeting held on Skype on 23rd July 2017 Present: Mike (sann0638, President), Paul (geggster, Treasurer), Torsten (tojurub, VP), Nate (gaixo, TD), Gavin (Valen, LD) League Director handover – Welcome to Gavin and thanks to Jonas (RoterSternHochDahl) – Congratulations to Gavin … Continue reading

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Variant Rankings

Further developments on the NAF website! For a while, there have been some tournaments around the world played as Sevens, Streetbowl, or pure Dungeonbowl tournaments.  Now, for the first time, these tournaments have their own rankings. The main (and default) … Continue reading

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Tiering at NAFC

This year was the first year of tiering at the NAFC, and while there are other factors in play (cool models, preparing for big tournaments, general preference), it’s interesting to see the variation in races between the years.  These were … Continue reading

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The term “Tiers” in Blood Bowl is used to refer to the different winning abilities of the different races in Blood Bowl.  In the original 3rd Edition rules, there was the Designer’s Note that said there are some races that … Continue reading

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Deeproot Interview

By PeterD Dear Blood Bowler! Here`s one of the very rare interviews with Deeproot,. You can read the full interview in the upcoming magazin “Treemen`s Health” (TH) in June 2017: TH: Deeproot, what happens there at the NAFC 17 with … Continue reading

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NAFC Roundup

The dust has settled on another amazing NAF Championship – in fact, the biggest ever with 209 coaches in attendance!  Personally, I could only make the Sunday, so was very pleased to be able to follow the action using the … Continue reading