As of February 2018, there is a new way of analysing the NAF’s tournament and game data.

The four links are as follows:

Using Tableau Public, you can view the game level data at and the tournament level data at  It looks a bit like this!On the games page you can find an easy-to-navigate list of all games played, which can be filtered by variant, country and year, plus a breakdown of win ratios for each race and each coach, and the grid of success for each race against each other race.

As well as that, you can now plot your (or anyone else’s) NAF rank for a given race over time, to spot the peaks and troughs of your BB career.

And if that wasn’t enough, you can enter up to 8 different coaches and see their head to head record – the number chose to reflect a Eurobowl team, should you choose to use it that way…

There is also the differentials tab (shown in the picture above) that allows you to compare your win ratio against the average for that race, and finally a few top 10 lists of the most games played by an individual and the most games with a particular race, which can be filtered by tournaments held in a particular country.  I will be adding Nationality to these ones as well – if there are any other views you think would be good, please do comment below.

On the tournaments page you can see for the first time a collected view of the awards that have been logged on the NAF site, since the functionality to add them was added in Autumn 2017.  Just the three tabs on this page, which show the records for each tournament, then the records for each coach, and then number of wins in each category starting with the most.

Additionally, just for fun, we’ve gathered together some of the most prolific coaches – those who have played at least 24 races in tournaments, and those who have played in the most countries.  These can be found on the NAF Legends page!

And then, because everyone loves a map, you can see where people are playing their NAF games by going to the maps page.

And finally, with all the pages in the collection, if you want to save or share a particular view, all you have to do is scroll to the bottom and click on the share link (right).  The link it produces will remember any text you have entered or filters you have applied for anyone who clicks on that particular link.  You could use this to find historic pages of results for a particular tournament, or a group of club mates, or just your results with a particular race.  Let us know any particularly interesting links!

The NAF hopes you enjoy these stats, which should add just a little to the BB community.  Happy Blood Bowling!


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