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As described in various posts over the last few months, there has been work on the database which might mean that it behaves slightly differently than people might be used to, so please have a read, but do ask if you have outstanding questions.

Variant games have been separated from the main Blood Bowl rankings, and you can use the dropdown box to select these.  If you are viewing the results for a variant tournament, you will need to select the correct variant from the dropdown box as well.

The CR total change for a particular tournament is not currently working, it should be fixed by the end of September.

One big change is that changes to rankings will not immediately be calculated, as the recalculation takes a few hours.  So once a tournament’s results are entered, a member of NAF Staff has to press the magic button, and then the rankings need to reprocess, so this can take 24-48 hours.  Until this is done some of the coach page may look a bit strange.

Some coaches currently have a 0/0/0 record, with no tournament associated.  This is due to some Online tournaments being deleted before all coaches had been deleted, and should be fixed shortly.

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