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The NAF Database contains the results of around two million games of Blood Bowl over since 2003.  This is a quick summary of how the results of those games are used.

Coach Page

Every NAF Member has a coach page, with the following elements:

  • a summary of their BB record – number of games and success in total and per race.
  • a link to the Grid, which is the record of how they have done with each race against every other race.
  • a list of any tournament awards.

Variant games are separate from the main Blood Bowl rankings, and you can use the dropdown box to view the results of these.

The Ranking for each race is a result of the WDL ratio – if you beat a player with a high ranking you gain lots of points, if you beat a player with a ranking you gain a few points, and the reverse for losing to players. It is calculated with a formula based on the probability of winning.

The Rankings

The Ranking points shown on the Coach Page are collected into a leaderboard,  This can be filtered by Race and Nation, and the leaderboards for different variants can also be chosen.


Recent posts regarding rankings and the Coach Page.


  • Why am I not listed as the Tournament Organiser?  It automatically picks up whoever entered the tournament into the database.  Looking to get this fixed.
  • Why is my silverware not listed?  It’s done manually by TOs.  Bother the TO to do it, and if they won’t then tell NAF staff (
  • How do I update my password?  Currently not possible.
  • Can we enter “best beard” awards?  Not at the moment, maybe in the future.


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