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From the keyboard of the multi-talented Pug come these maps, showing where in the world NAF and non-NAF (Independent) Blood Bowl tournaments can be found. Indy BB tournaments are usually those with rules that are just a bit too quirky (e.g. stunty only) to fit with the NAF ranking system.  Notice that these are all tournaments, so a tournament 11 months in the future would appear on these maps, whereas it might not be on the NAF map yet. As soon as a tournament is sanctioned it will appear on the Upcoming Tournaments map.

Just in case Pug has stuck some more tournaments on since this page was last updated, the most recent version of all the maps can be found here. Click on each map for the larger version.

Mainland Europe
 photo EuroTournamentMapMk6800px_zps498db655.jpg
British Isles
 photo UKTournimap2012mk6_zps1760a9a9.jpg
 photo AustralianTournamentMap_zps323038fa.jpg
North America
 photo NorthAmericaTournamentMapmk6800px_zpsc2350414.jpg
New Zealand
New Zealand Tournament Map photo NewZealandTournamentMap_zps4d081c5d.jpg

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One thought on “Maps – All Tournaments

  1. Neil Stevenson

    We are running a small Bloodbowl league in the Stamford Lincolnshire area and always happy to see new faces. If this is the right place to advertise our presence then please let the world know we exist. If not then sorry can you point me to the right place?
    Everything arranged by email and our Facebook group page and games played locally.


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