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The Majors started life as the 4 Blood Bowl tournaments from the Blood Bowl rulebook, but this has changed over time.

  • The Blood Bowl, now known as the NAF Championship, took place at Warhammer World in Nottingham, UK until 2012.  In May 2013 it was still in Nottingham, but moved to a shiny new venue. The NAF Championship has its own page on this website.
  • The Chaos Cup is based in Chicago, USA, and full details can be found on its own website.
  • The Spike trophy takes place in Canada.  Spike and the Chaos Cup are scheduled within a week of each other, to encourage travellers to attend both.
  • The Dungeonbowl is the German Major, held each year in Dusseldorf.
  • CanCon is the Australian Major, introduced in 2005 to recognise the large Blood Bowl community who otherwise would not have access to a Major.

The Winners of these illustrious tournaments have their names recorded in the annals of history!

In addition, the NAF holds a World Cup every 4 years – in Nottingham 2007, Amsterdam 2011, Lucca in 2015 and the next will be in Dornbirn in 2019.  Find the winners from Lucca and the Eurobowl here.  World Cup 3 had its own dedicated website, and you can find information using this search.  These tournaments, as well as the major team tournaments and associated competitions, count as Majors for ranking points.

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