NAF Charter

Last Updated: June 2015

nafshieldTable of Contents

Article I Mission Statement
Article II Membership
Article III NAF Organization and Offices
Article IV Voting Guidelines
Article V Code of Conduct

Article I – Club Mission Statement

The NAF is an international association of Blood Bowl players dedicated to the game of Blood Bowl. The NAF’s goal is to help grow interest in the game of Blood Bowl and act as a central resource for Blood Bowl coaches the world over – offering news, contacts, discussion, game demonstrations, sanctioned tournaments, international player rankings, and tournament/league support.

Article II – Membership

The NAF is an equal-opportunity fan club open to all ages. It is our policy not to tolerate discrimination based on sex, race, nationality, or religion. NAF membership is currently attainable through our website and in person at most NAF sanctioned tournaments.

Article III – Club Organization and Offices

The NAF is arranged much like a traditional organization, with specialization in certain areas to meet the needs of an international club. Officer positions within the club are divided into two groups: Administration Level and Specialized Level. The Administration Level consists of the traditional club positions: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Membership Director, Tournament Director and League Director. Specialized Officer Positions are those that have been created at the behest of the Club President to enhance and/or fulfil a specific need within the club’s officer program. However, unlike the Administrative Level positions, Specialized Officer Positions do not require an amendment of the Club Charter, and shall not be permanent in the sense that they can be removed at the behest of the Club President if no longer needed. Specialized Officer Positions are: Tournament Coordinator, Webmaster, and Media Officer.

Administrative Level Officer Positions:

President (Elected Position)

  • Directs NAF strategy and planning
  • Chairs meetings
  • Serves as liaison between members and officers
  • Serves as liaison between outside organization and NAF
  • Fulfills duties of other officers if absent from meetings or events
  • Reviews regular reports from other officers and offers direction
  • Sets meeting agenda items

Vice-President (Appointed Position)

  • Assumes leadership if president resigns or is unavailable
  • Advises on NAF strategy and planning
  • Presides over meetings in president’s absence
  • Fulfills duties of other officers if absent from meetings or events
  • Assists President in any presidential tasks as required

Treasurer (Elected Position)

    • Collects any enacted club dues
    • Maintains club finances
    • Keeps records of finances (for public viewing if requested)
    • Protect the organisation against fraud and theft, ensuring safe custody of money, and prompt banking
    • Ensure that sufficient funds are available to meet all ongoing operational requirements
    • Keep up-to-date records as well as an audit trail for all transactions
    • Present the accounts of the organisation to the committee each January
    • Ensure safe/secure means of payment for our membership
    • Ensure that the organisation’s outgoings do not exceed our subscriptions
    • Make sure the committee understands its financial obligations, particularly appropriate and inappropriate expenditure/revenue
    • Be an active member of the NAF committee
    • Advises on NAF strategy and planning

Tournament Director (Elected Position)

  • Direct, appoints, and trains Co-ordinators
  • Ensures events are approved in a timely manner
  • Assists Administrative Officers with planning and initializing events
  • Works with Administrative Officers to publicize events to club and general public
  • Any other ‘specific-need’ responsibility as deemed by the NAF President
  • Advises on NAF strategy and planning

Membership Director (Appointed Position)

  • Arranges printing and distribution of membership packages
  • Assists Coordinators with registration at events
  • Any other ‘specific-need’ responsibility as deemed by the NAF President
  • Advises on NAF strategy and planning

League Director (Elected Position)

  • Keeps relationship with league commissioners and representatives
  • Oversees league related projects
  • Promotes league related events
  • Create leagues on naflm in a timely manner, providing support to the commissioner as necessary
  • Perform any corrections to logged results and provide naflm technical support on an ad hoc basis
  • Assists Administrative Officers with planning and initializing event(s)
  • Any other ‘specific-need’ responsibility as deemed by the NAF President
  • Advises on NAF strategy and planning

Specialized Level Officer Positions:

National and Regional Co-ordinators (Appointed Positions)

  • Acts as club liaison to other official event coordinators during event planning
  • Assists Tournament and League Directors with planning and initializing event(s)
  • Ensures tournament results are entered correctly in a timely manner
  • Works with Directors to publicise events to club and general public
  • Any other ‘specific-need’ responsibility as deemed by the NAF President

Specialist Co-ordinators (Appointed Positions)

  • Supervises a specific aspect of NAF business

Webmaster (Appointed Position)

  • Administers, updates, and operates all aspects of the club website
  • Assigns members and/or officers to assist with website administration
  • Maintains club databases and servers
  • Builds new functionality for the website as required
  • Any other ‘specific-need’ responsibility as deemed by the NAF President

Media Officer (Appointed Position)

  • Administers, updates, and operates all aspects of the communication of the NAF
  • Approves news, FAQ entries, moderates forums and edits submitted content
  • Any other ‘specific-need’ responsibility as deemed by the NAF President

Article IV – Voting Guidelines

General Voting Guidelines:

  • General Voting – Simple Majority (via Internet)
  • Amendments to Club Charter – 2/3 Vote Required to Pass Amendment (via Internet)
  • Officer Elections – Simple Majority (via Internet)

Officer Election Guidelines:

Officer Elections shall adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Elections shall take place every two years.
  • Members who wish to run for a club officer position must, at the time of elections, be nominated by a fellow club member.
  • A member may nominate only one other member per position/office for any given election.
  • Members can be nominated for multiple offices during any election.
  • In the event a member is elected to two offices, that member shall choose a position and the remaining position(s) will go to the runner(s) up in that election. However, members may not hold more than one Administrative office.
  • In the event of a tie, a run-off election will be held for that office. Date of run-off election shall be determined by the NAF President.
  • Special Level Officer positions may be occupied by any member appointed by the NAF President – whether currently holding an office or not. Elected offices are held from the date of officer inauguration for two year.
  • Date of officer inauguration shall be determined by the NAF President.
  • Elections shall take place via the internet.
  • The NAF President shall set deadlines and voting methods for elections.
  • The NAF President can be removed from office by a majority vote of the Specialized Level Officers. The Vice President will immediately take over the powers of NAF President and must immediately appoint a new Vice President whom may not be the previous NAF President.

Article V – Code of Conduct

Members of the NAF shall adhere to the following guidelines during any time they are representing the club to the public. Public is defined as our online and in-person presence:

  • Harassment of any type, whether online or in-person, is strictly forbidden and may result in expulsion from the club if a claim is presented and verified, by a club officer and authorized by the NAF President.
  • Discrimination on the basis of race, gender, or religion is strictly forbidden, and will result in expulsion from the club and, if necessary, prosecution by local/state law.
  • Excessive use of foul language or lewd behavior shall result in removal from events or meetings by any club officer.

Underage Member Policy:

The NAF is a club for all ages. With this in mind, however, we feel that every parent/legal guardian of our underage members (under 18 years of age) should be aware of some important issues before allowing their child/young adult/minor to participate in any events or meetings:

  • No one will be supervising minors.
  • While it is never our intention of letting a minor get into trouble at events or meetings, the responsibility for their actions lies with the parent/legal guardian.
  • Alcohol will never be served to your minor by our fan club. However, meetings sometimes take place in venues where alcohol is served.
  • Adult members of legal age may be drinking alcohol during meetings and social events.
  • The group attempts to maintain all discussions at the PG level. However, some inappropriate language and/or suggestive themes beyond the PG limitations may be used at events and meetings.
  • We will not be responsible for transporting your minor to or from meetings or social events. If you do not attend the event or meeting with your minor, please be sure your minor has a safe mode of transportation.
  • We encourage parents/ legal guardians to get involved. We would like parents/ legal guardians to get to know our members, thus we encourage your to attend and participate in any of our events or meetings. We also encourage parents/legal guardians to monitor their minor’s activities on our online website.

Expulsion of Members:

While it is hoped that no member must be expelled from the club, it is prudent to have measures in place should the need arise. If any member of the club feels that another member should be expelled, that person may approach any of the club’s officers in person with his/her complaint. At that time, the officers will meet via online or in-person means to determine the best course of action.

Conduct which justifies expulsion:

  • Engaging in any illegal activity while attending a club function
  • Threatening another member with physical violence
  • Committing physical violence against another member
  • Harassing or stalking another member via e-mail, internet, phone, or written letter
  • Repeated unwanted sexual advances toward another member
  • Any conduct deemed by the club officers as a justified grounds for expulsion

In addition, the club President may expel any member at any time for any or no reason by making a public announcement of his intention and refunding all of the member’s current and previous dues.

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