Blood Bowl has well and truly entered the 21st century, with tens of thousands of players using Cyanide’s Blood Bowl 1 and 2 and Fumbbl’s Java Fantasy Football client.  In addition, those still using figures and physical dice have attempted to video their games, with varying levels of success!  Twitch and YouTube are the two main platforms, for live and pre-recorded respectively, though some also try streaming through Facebook.

The NAF has a Twitch and YouTube account, but these do not have their own content, they are only used for creating a list of streamers to follow, to avoid bias.  This is also the quickest way of creating a list.

Here is the NAF Twitch follow list, and the YouTube subscription list.  If you don’t appear on there, comment below and the NAF will add you to the list!

Unfortunately the Twitch link doesn’t seem to work on mobile devices (to do with the way things are paid for, supposedly…)

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