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fameSo you want to join the NAF? Excellent news!  If not, why not?  Let us convince you!

The cost is £5, 5 Euros or 5 dollars in person, or $10 by Paypal online.  For this you get your NAF name registered for rankings purposes and this lasts forever.  Otherwise membership is annual, and when you renew (or first join) you get either this year’s membership gift or choose a gift from one of the previous years, including block dice.

There is also a discount for joining in person in the US and Europe, and Under 16s playing in a NAF tournament can join for free!

Unfortunately, the NAF does not sell the dice or other gifts, the only way to get them is through the annual membership fee.

To join, please visit the Members Area  and fill out the form.  Once you have joined you should get an activation email, and then can log in and choose the gift (click the option on the left).  Make sure you are logging in to the Members Area, it won’t work on this page!dice


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30 thoughts on “Join the NAF

  1. Goblintrader


    We are an independent trade shop in Madrid (Spain) and we would like to join the NAF!.

    We are courrently doing Bloodbowl tournaments, as well as 40k, Fantasy, Infinity, X-Wing, FOW…and we have a growing Bloodbowl comunity and want it to become BIGGER!!.

    Our shop has grown up in size in the past few months, and now we have more than 30 tabletops in our Battle bunker!!.

    So the time for us to expand the gamerś community has arrived!.


    Jesús Moreno

  2. StokieRich

    Hi guys, I paid the fee a few days back but haven’t had any activation code or anything yet and can’t get a reply from your email, you are still active right? 🙂

  3. Vincenzo Cavaliere

    Hi i registered myself yesterday and still not receive the activation code…. i send you an email please answer me as soon as possible thank you very much Vincent

  4. Mickaël DENEPOUX


    I re-register myself on August 28th 2016 and I just realized that I had not changed my address. I do it this day to receive token and dices.

    Thank you for everything you do.

  5. Oli


    I competed the form and I was directed to the PayPal website but it was charging me in US dollars even though I am in the U.K. Normally I would mind but this bumps up the membership to over £8.

    Is there a way to change it to £.


  6. Gary robson

    Hi naf

    Having problems regestering
    Not using google chrome using safari
    But when I put anti spam answer in it
    Says I’ve put wrong answer in
    Put blood bowl in separate words
    Please help

  7. Ed Markle

    Hi NAF,

    I can’ get your membership to work, it will not accept my choice of “User Name” no matter what I use.
    Using Windows 10, which I hate.
    I was a member years ago when 4th edition came out.

    Thanks for any help you can give.

      1. Edward Markle

        I was in the “Members Area” at the link at the top of this page. I’ll try that email. I sent one but nothing so far.
        Thank You,

  8. Dal-P (head coach of the Stompa Boy Bucaneers)

    I’m interested in joining. It states £5 in person or £10 via PayPal.
    Curious, how do you pay in person?

    Dal-P (head coach of the Stompa Boy Bucaneers)

  9. Ron H

    Hi guys, joined up 7days + ago, paid the sub, not received any update on when the dice are going to be delivered, can anyone help me out cheers.

  10. Rogal

    I just rgistered to NAF and received the activation code/password. When trying to log in it says it is invalid/unrecognisable.
    What should I do?
    Best regards

  11. major

    Hey i’m trying to log in and it says use the password specified earlier, but i never had a field to enter a password. The paypal payment went thru no problem tho. please advise.

  12. Kilos

    I’ve signed up earlier today as a New member, how long does it take for the activation email to come through as I haven’t received anything.


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