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Now that the new box is out, the rumours can stop for a while (until Death Zone 2…), but here are some bullets:

  • The core rules are staying largely the same, but there will be a couple of roster changes and lots of changes to named positionals.
  • In the lead-up to the release, various details were released at Warhammerfest, and the new website is at  The Skulls and Ones podcast had an interview with Andy Hoare and James Hewitt, who discussed the game, and a summary can be found on Endzone by Shteve0.
  • The big change is the board, which is increasing from 29mm squares to 34mm, making the length just under 14cm longer than currently, as shown:


  • It costs £65, with various independent shops offering a reduction on that.  Death Zone costs £15, with the Skaven team being £20.
  • As there are lots of different Editions, it seems easiest to refer to this as BB2016.
  • GW sent us a preview set of the box to write a review.
  • Forge World will be producing additional positionals and star player miniatures, which will be released as additional packs.
  • The main changes to the rules are as follows (there are lots of league rule options for commissioners to use):
    • Piling On is an optional league rule and needs a Team Reroll to use.
    • New Nurgle Star Player, 5348, 210k, Gaping Maw (a combo of catch/sure hands, except without a reroll on pickup).
    • Timberrrr, which modifies the standing up roll by 1 for every friendly player adjacent and not in a tackle zone – does not apply to Wood Elf Treemen.
    • Head Coach – sendings off can be argued on a roll of a 6.
    • Some of these are written differently in Death Zone, and have been modified by an Errata.  For details of this and how the rules apply to NAF tournaments, see the NAF response.

The NAF has clarified the Weeping Dagger skill, for league play.  If the Apo used on a Badly Hurt result before or after the Apo reroll, the player is healed rather than being Badly Hurt, and so Weeping Dagger can’t be used, so basically if the Apo is used at all, Weeping Dagger has no effect.

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