At tournaments and some leagues some standard ways of doing things have developed – these are by no means essential, but good to know in case you come across them.

Base Colours

If models are quite similar, people often use the 2nd edition colour system:

  • Green – blocker
  • Red – blitzer
  • Yellow – catcher
  • White – thrower
  • Grey – lineman

Skill Ring

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThese can be bought from various companies, or people often use loom bands.  You can use


whatever colour you like to represent the skills, but here are some common ones, in order of common use.  Only additional skills need adding.

  • Blue – block
  • Green – guard
  • Yellow – dodge
  • Red – danger! (Mighty Blow, Frenzy)

Dice Cups

Some love them, some hate them, but they’ll appear at many games.  Please don’t slam them down!


Some people use one counter per reroll, and place it on the turn it was used.  Others use a single counter and move it along the track.

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