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So you’re returning to Blood Bowl after a big break?  Here’s what you need to know! Follow any links that grab you.


New BB Box Art from GW

The basic mechanics of BB have not changed since 3rd edition, so if you have ever played the version with block dice, that is the game that is still played.  There have been iterations of the rules, and the most widely used version is the Competition Rules Pack (CRP), which is the ruleset which the NAF uses in our tournaments, held around the world every weekend.  Find a league, which use whichever house rules they want.  There are various ways of playing online, as well!

GW are releasing a new box set towards the end of 2016, which will use the rules from CRP, with the major change being a board with bigger squares (~34mm, with the new bases being 32mm), though because it has the same number of squares the existing boards will be compatible.

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