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This is a guide to some of the big leagues in Cyanide’s BB1.  Some of them probably have BB2 equivalents!


When playing BB online, you generally have the choice of Matchmaking, chosen games or Leagues, with probably most coaches considering that latter to provide the richest gaming experience.  There are hundreds of Cyanide Leagues, from 2-3 player groups of mates to some of the behemoths listed below.  In case you don’t know where to find one for you, it’s probably worth checking out some of these (in no particular order).


The UKBBL is a league with around 140 coaches who play competitive matches using the Cyanide client every week. We are about to begin our 20th season. We also get together twice a year for a tabletop tournament, which about a third of our coaches manage to attend, some from Finland, France and other far flung reaches of the world. Although we are UK based and use UK times to schedule matches, we welcome players from anywhere. Our coaches seem quite keen to generate fluff for their teams and the league in general, and we have a lively selection of blogs and a newspaper that comes out twice a season. It’s not all good news though. One more thing about the league, which is not to everyone’s taste, is the rather byzantine Code of Conduct, which is upheld ruthlessly. We don’t suffer fools gladly. Drunks are alright though. We have loads of those.

Orca-Cola –

OCC is the one of the biggest Cyanide leagues in the world.
It was founded in the summer of 2009 and has maintained a steady membership of over 200 active coaches for an astonishing 25 seasons. We attribute this enduring success to the professionalism of our sitestaff.  The setup is determined by the number of competitors, but one thing never changes – Division One. This is where the best of the best vie for supremacy and getting there is no mean feat as you’ll have to climb through up to six Tiers of four ten-man divisions to get there.
Because of our Tier system, OCC is also an excellent learning environment, with a friendly and helpful community happy to offer advice and guidance.  Our schedule is weekly, Wednesday-Wednesday – and while we are proud to have members from all over the world we do expect people to play within Euro-friendly times.

BB Tactics Crunch Leagues –

The BB Tactics leagues have the name Crunch – Crunch Them All, Big Crunch etc, with some being scheduled and some open.  Visit the forums to say hello and find out which one is for you.

North American TTS BB League –

North American TTS League is a place for rookie and veteran players alike. We will be fielding multiple teams and playing 13 regular season games with a 16 team playoff. We push end of days every Wednesday and Sunday Midnight EST.  There is also a YouTube channel for this league hosted by VGPurist, who streams and commentates on games.

Deutsche BB Community –

200+ online Coaches and also the home of the German BB Community.

Fun League –

Rage Mountain BB League –

RMBBL is primarily a North American league with a long and storied history that stretches back to the summer of 2009. The league was intended for U.S.-based coaches, who could comfortably schedule games within the GMT-5 to GMT-8 time zones, but there is now a European version of the league intended for those who wish to play around the GMT-1 to GMT+3 time zones.

Old-World Football League –

The Old World Football League (OFL) is a community dedicated to providing a fun and diverse platform for its members to enjoy the Blood Bowl online game. Offering everything from a challenging NFL style league to casual pick-up games, the OFL is built to appeal to any playstyle.

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