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The NAF is the global Blood Bowl players’ organisation, providing rankings for players in tabletop tournaments and resources, tips and information for Blood Bowl players of all kinds.

bb2Cyanide’s Blood Bowl 2 is a very exciting development for Blood Bowl players, hopefully bringing a whole new load of players to the game.  While the rules are not exactly those that are used in the tabletop tournaments with which the NAF is traditionally associated (see the rules page), it is still fundamentally the same game that we all love.   The NAF encourages Blood Bowl play of all kinds, and would encourage those who only play online to try tabletop, as well as vice versa!  For questions specifically about NAF tournaments, see previous statements.  The NAF will work with Cyanide as much as we can to bring the various methods of play together.  Note however that the large matchmaking league (called “NAF Official”) has no connection with this organisation.


There were some very minor differences between BB1 and CRP, including the Khorne team and the way some skills were handled.  There are some larger differences implemented in BB2, and to encourage the transition between different forms of the game, these are detailed below.  Comment if you identify another one (or there are mistakes in the list), and the list will be kept up to date, including as patches are made to the game. Thank you to those who identified most of the early differences, some of which are mentioned in the official Cyanide online guide.

Roster Differences

  • The Bretonnians are a new team in BB2.
  • Orc Blitzers cost 90k instead of 80k.
  • Human Catchers have AV8 instead of AV7.
  • Human Ogres cost 130k instead of 140k.

Action Differences

  • As in BB1, Blitzes must be declared before moving.  Hand-offs, passes and fouls are chosen after moving.

Skill Differences

  • In BB2 most skills are not optional.  In CRP almost all are.
  • Piling On works on fouls.


Aging is a game mechanic from previous version of the Living Rulebook.  It works as follows, and is an optional mechanic in league play.

A newly recruited player is about 17 to 19 years old.
Every 8 matches a years has passed in in-game time.
At age 31, there is a 40 % chance of him retiring.
At age 32, the chance of him retiring gets up to 60 %.
At age 33, the player retires.

There was a previous petition to remove aging from the game, which seemed to be taken on board, but it is not clear yet how aging is implemented in the final version.

The Bank, Treasury and Inducements

  • The Bank is a rule suggested in the LRB process but not used, and is that any Treasury above 150k counts towards a team’s Team Value.  All Treasury can be used to buy inducements, there is no Petty Cash phase.
  • The Home Team chooses inducements first.  The home team is dependent on what kind of tournament you are in.  If they are the Underdog they get some free, and can supplement with Treasury.
  • The Away team then chooses inducements.  If their TV is less than the TV of the Home Team plus any money spent on inducements, they get the difference free. They can also supplement with Treasury.

Mercenaries may not be given skills.


In CRP, if you concede you have the chance of losing some of your more experienced players.  This does not happen with a disconnect or concession in BB2.


There are some house rules for stadiums.  None of these appear in CRP, but various leagues use houserules for stadiums.

  • Referee Rest Area: Both teams receive 1 bribe
  • Astrogranite: +1 to Armor Rolls from failed GFIs
  • ElfTurf: -1 to Armor Rolls from failed GFIs
  • Royal Box: Doubles all gains and losses of Fan Factor
  • Squig Sandwich Stand: Throw a Rock and Get the Ref events are cancelled
  • Nuffle altar: Star players cost $50,000 less.
  • Magic Dome: The Weather always starts as Nice and Changing Weather kickoff event is cancelled.
  • Magician’s Shop: Both teams get a wizard.
  • Security Gate: Riot and Pitch Invasion kick-off events are cancelled
  • Beer Stand: +1 on Inj Rolls for players pushed off pitch.


In the “NAF Official” league, matchmaking is done before Journeymen are added to the Team Value.

Please comment below if you are aware of any rule changes.  Any discussion of the merits of the rule changes is probably better kept elsewhere.  Thank you!


  • It’s not clear yet how the Marketplace works.
  • Wizards may not be used after turnovers.
  • There are no Special Play Cards.



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