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We have been working on improving the Rankings page, and are now ready to announce the first effect of this work.  When you go to the Rankings page, the dropdown box of nations is now much reduced, so that only one variant of each country appears (instead of Spain, Espagne etc).  In addition, when you choose your Nation, you will now automatically appear in the correct set of tables.  So some good fixes!

Also, an important update for UK coaches – instead of United Kingdown, we now have England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland, which is something that has been requested for a while, particularly for considering Eurobowl qualification.  However, to facilitate this we had to remove United Kingdom, and replace it with England.  So, if you want to appear in the rankings for one of the other countries, you will have to log in and change it!

You can do that by clicking on My Account, then Personal Info, then Edit, then choosing Nationality.  Get going!

Also, all users may need to update their country of residence, to complete their postal address, as this is now separate from nationality.

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One thought on “Rankings Update

  1. RoterSternHochdahl

    I was the best player of Guadeloupe for a sweet but short little while …

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