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All committee present

1. Manuel is organising the 2017 gift, and it is advanced in its planning. Distribution is now via Lycos, Torsten and Manuel, with Torsten sending out the large packages around the world to the network of distributors.
Lycos: Scandinavia, British islands
Torsten: Central and Eastern Europe and World
Lordillo: France and Southern Europe
USA, Canada, Australia and NZ NAFNO will receive bulk packages from Torsten
There was discussion of whether a NAF membership card would be feasible (this used to exist over 5 years ago, and this idea will be carried forward)

2. New Star Players and rules issued by Games Workshop outside of the main books will be treated as custom star players and rules, so if a tournament wants to include them they should be included specifically in the rules pack.

3. Accounts are currently being finalised.

4. The new Tournament Guidelines Document was ratified.

5. Torsten met with Jokaero regarding the new database, and Jonas and Mike have been working on a specification document. Mike to take the lead on the project.

6. Jonas is taking over management of the NAF League Manager (NAF OBBLM). From 1st February there will be an update to OBBLM that moves to 2016 rules, and there will be a description of how to adapt the overall system to stick with CRP.

7. It was agreed that we would contribute to some NAF banners to be used initially at the Lutece Cup, and then to travel to other tournaments.

8. Date of next meeting – 26th February, 2030 CET.

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4 thoughts on “Minutes 8th Jan 17

  1. Darkson

    On #6 – is it planned to be an easy setting within the NAF OBBLM to keep the CRP, or will it take a more in-depth knowledge?

    Ideally, for someone as un-tech-savvy as myself, a nice button or toggle would be ideal. 😉

  2. Txlanhualpec

    I’ve been asked by some players concerning the inclusion of the Khorne and Bretonian teams in Tournies… Is that possible or completely discarded. I believe the Guidelines document does reffer to the inclusion of Slann teams even though BB2016 hasn’t taken them into account (for the moment at least until future DZ prove it otherwise).

    If they were to be allowed… where could the accepted team references and rules be found?

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