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By Geggster:

Once you have brought together the Blood Bowl rulebook, Death Zone Season One, Teams of Legend PDF and Errata, you have the following:

From Blood Bowl
• Only what you need to play humans vs orcs in a one-off game
• 4 minute turn limit and Illegal Procedure are moved into optional
• Human Catchers are 60k
• 4 stars: Morg, Griff, Mighty Zug and Varag
• Some skills are shortened due to restricted use in the basic game (then explained fully in DZ)
• Two new Special Play card decks and teams get 1-3 cards (amended in DZ)
• Pitch and range ruler is bigger but understood to be the exact same scale

From Death Zone Season One
• 7 additional rosters: Skaven, Dwarf, Nurgle, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, High Elf and Elf Union (Elf/Pro Elf)
• 6 more old stars: Hakflem, Grim, Roxanna, Jordell, Eldril and Prince Moranion
• New Star for Nurgle only – Guffle Pusmaw 5349, 210k (not 110k, see errata), Loner, FA, Monstrous Mouth (cannot be stripped and gets the catch skill), Nurgle’s Rot
• Nurgle Warriors and Beast of Nurgle are now Bloaters and Rotspawn, respectively
• Bloodweiser Babes are renamed Bloodweiser Kegs
• MVP is randomly assigned to one of three selected players
• On sending off (a Foul or Secret Weapon), the Head Coach can Argue the Call. On a 1, Head Coach also sent off & -1 to Brilliant Coaching thereafter. On a 6, player is only sent to Reserves. Turnover still applies (Q&A)
• Piling On moved to optional and needs Team Reroll to use
• Piling On, Claw, Grab & Wood Elf Treemen have other changes (although see errata)
• Gutter Runners have Weeping Dagger. If they cause a Badly Hurt during a block, player is MNG on 4+
• Some skills/inducements missing but added in Teams of Legend. Fan Favourite and Stakes not in game
• No wizards
• Spiralling Expenses now optional
• Amended rules about drawing & discarding special play cards. Extra cards cost 100k
• Extra league rules on Expensive Mistakes (discouraging large sums of cash), the Off-Season and Re-Drafting for future seasons. Full rules on pages 25-27
• It’s 2493-2494 season (aside from small temporal anomalies)

From Teams of Legend PDF
• Remaining 12 CRP teams covered PLUS Underworld Denizens (Underworld) and Chaos Renegades (Chaos Pact). Document includes some name changes to positional and races
• Animosity, Ball & Chain, Chainsaw, Bombardier, Bloodlust, Titchy, Raise the Dead, Goblin bribes and Halfling Chef all covered
• Treemen on a Halfling roster have Timmm-ber skill and can receive assists to stand up. +1 for each assist from those not in a tackle zone. A 1 is still a failure

• Piling On needs a Team Reroll. Otherwise unchanged. Claw and Grab skills returned to CRP versions.
• Timmm-ber removed from Wood Elf treemen (only Halfling Treemen have it)
• Confirms Weather roll before inducements and then coin toss (as per CRP)
• Guffle’s cost, Hakflem’s stats and Roxanna’s leap confirmed. Roxanna confirmed as available for Amazons

So Overall Differences from CRP
• 23 teams and 10 CRP stars + Guffle. Human catchers now 60k, Halfling treemen have Timmm-ber, Gutter Runners have Weeping Dagger, Argue the Call, Piling On requires a TRR, No Wizards
• Special Play cards, MVP random from 3 players, Expensive Mistakes, Offseason & Redrafting

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13 thoughts on “From CRP to BB2016

  1. DrDeath

    Generally looks OK, but no wizards is a disaster. Will just get blodge surehands strength 4 players grinding up the pitch with no counter. Fancy leaping into the cage with wrestle and tackle? That will be -2dice, 25% chance sir (and greater chanced of getting removed in turn by block/foul). They really need to reintroduce the wizard there for game balance, otherwise we’ll just get loads of boring grinds with advanced teams 🙁

    1. Hdawg

      If you had dauntless that’d jump up to 50%, assuming you make the leap or dodge 😛
      Also all bolt reliably does is drop a corner guy down to get guard into that cage (assuming his players don’t have guard) or fireball just wiffs or takes out 1-2 players and doesn’t really guarantee much better.
      Better to line up a square off the cage in pairs and wait for them to base the cage with you. Then you’ll have the option to dodge out if you’re agi 4 or you can start your hits if you’re playing a bash team.
      Sucks that they didn’t keep wizards, but they’re fickle nuffly things in the first place. Heh.

  2. Hdawg

    I usually just bog cages down. The bolt from wizard just takes out the center player and I’ve seen fireballs from wizards wiff entirely or just take out 1 or 2 players and with guard on the other corners it doesn’t mitigate the roll any. Easy enough to set up a square off from your opponents cage so that they have to base with you then you have the option dodge out if you’re playing agi4 or take your hits and cave in/push back the cage if you’re playing a bashy str 4 team yourself. After all Str 4 guys aren’t the fastest ball carriers so unless you have a stat up guy they’ll be 4-5 MV most of the time. If they’re someone speedier like a saurus they’ll only be agi 1. Even with sure hands there is bound to be a very real struggle to get the ball up and rolling for a couple turns.

    Is Dauntless in BB2016? If it is, that’d give Wardancers a 50% chance on a successful dauntless to get a STR4 Blodger down on a 1dice roll if they came with wrestle/tackle. (assuming you make your leap of course :P) or just 33% without wrestle. Kinda a shame to give them wrestle since they come with block, but then again I don’t play woodies XD Pointy eared gits!

  3. Shane Byrne

    Only moan would be PO needs a RR to use. There goes my 6 Ogre 1 RR team with multiple PO. Wizard not being in is a shame, but very rarely seen them in tournaments so not to bad. Like the ‘Argue the call’ coming back and new Nurgle Star!

  4. david donisthorpe

    Keeping illegal procedure unchanged was dissappointing.. sledgehammer to crack a nut and likely to put off new players. Pleased with bigger bases. Long overdue.

  5. Kevin

    Gw write in the legends list that have published rules for teams for which applicable gw models are available (including on my take their aos range). Implies other teams may come in time if they keep making stuff. That I guess will depend on sales. I’m hopeful for new stuff, maybe in day slann though I’d guess all the rest are likely to come first …
    thanks for this thread, extremely useful


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