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Playing in a NAF Tournament? What do you need to know?

For the moment NAF tournaments are using the Competition Rules Pack (CRP), which can be found with a quick search of “CRP Blood Bowl”, and is very similar to the rules in the book and Death Zone 1 combined, but with some differences, which are detailed here.  The NAF position is to allow a period of time (up to 3 months) for any changes to be considered before a final decision, so until then some choices are up to Tournament Organisers (TOs).

We produced a rules pack in response to DZ1 and the box, which applied from Feb 17, and are in the process of reacting to DZ2, most of which will be implemented.

There are significant changes to League play in BB2016, but as the vast majority of NAF tournaments are resurrection, we will concentrate on the core rules. League rules have always been decided by the League Commissioner anyway, so the NAF does not need to offer guidance there.


If you want to play in a tournament, read the rules of that tournament, as each one is independent and it’s up to the Tournament Organiser about skills, Team Value and so on.  For questions about any BB rules, it is recommended to read the GW FAQ and the NAF Clarifications.

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  1. Travis Bickle

    “NB the only skills listed in Teams of Legend are those not in the books.”

    I may being dense, but what does NB mean in this sentence? Also, in a document this long why are you using an abbreviation for this sentence?

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