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NAF Tournaments are already being submitted for 2017, including our very own NAF Championship, and the NAF has the following guidance regarding rules for 2017 tournaments, bearing in mind the possible release of a new boxed set around Christmas 2016.

returnsWe have been told that the rules in the new boxed set will be those of the Competition Rules Pack, so rule packs for 2017 NAF tournaments should state that the CRP will be used, along with the three additional teams.  There may however be changes to names, costs or statistics of the various races that are available.  The 24 teams should be continued to be used, but where there is a change (e.g. making a human catcher 60k) then either roster may be used in the short term by the Tournament Organiser, and this should be stated in the rules pack if there is any adjustment to CRP.  We will make a decision on each variation from CRP after 3 months of it being published.

The NAF realises this will lead to a period where the rankings and W/D/L ratio for a particular race may have to be interpreted carefully, but we feel this is the best way to deal with the period of uncertainty that will come from the staggered release of races which is anticipated.

Any questions, feel free to post!

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