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nafc_picThe weekend will be run using the original rules pack and the 2017 NAF rules update.

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A message from Jervis Johnson and Andy Hoare:


It is with a real sense of excitement that I write the introduction for the NAF Championship 2017! I could not be more delighted to welcome you all to what I know will be an action-packed weekend, put on with the usual stylish panache that only the NAF organizing committee is able to muster!

However, what makes this year even more exciting than usual is that it will mark the first NAF Championship to be held since the brand new edition of Blood Bowl was launched. To help commemorate the occasion, Andy Hoare, the leader of the team responsible for the latest and greatest version of our favourite game, is joining me in welcoming you to what we know will be a memorable weekend.


As the manager of the new team recently set up to bring Blood Bowl and many other fan-favourites to a new generation of gamers, I’d like to extend my thanks to the NAF for so enthusiastically championing the game for so long. I sincerely hope that existing members enjoy the new edition and that many thousands of new coaches join the ranks of the NAF over the coming year.


Good luck to all of the coaches taking part in this year’s NAF Championship, and may all of your dice rolls be 6s!

The NAF Championship 2017

29th and 30th April 2017, once again on the May Day bank holiday weekend here in the UK.

The event will continue to be held at the East Midlands Conference Centre in Nottingham.

Cost and sign up:
Ticket price is £50 if payment is received before an early bird deadline of 31st December 2016. After this point the price will be £55.  Please when you pay, send an email to the account below saying that you have paid, as PayPal does not give as much detail as it used to.

Tickets can be purchased as of now by PayPal to the following address:

We will provide a running list of paid entrants here in this thread. If you have any queries please contact us via the email address above or PM me here.

We have once again negotiated a reduced room cost with the 4-star Orchard Hotel, adjacent to the East Midlands Conference Centre. If booked before December 31st 2016 there will be a discounted rate for single, double and twin rooms. We will provide the discount code on purchase of your ticket. Bookings after this date will be at the normal hotel rate.

The NAF Championship 2017 rulespack will be made available on and here on TFF later this summer. The content will be very similar to previous years however the organising team have made changes to the rules for roster building. We have done so in conjunction with the organising team of the other European Major, the Dungeon Bowl in Dusseldorf. See our rules discussion thread for more information.


NAF Championship Rules 2017

There is a recent tradition of the two European Majors (NAFC and DungeonBowl) sharing the same roster building rules. We would like to continue this. However, there are a few changes that both organising teams wanted to implement and we have been in discussion to agree new rules. The main factors we considered were:

1) We wanted to widen the number of viable races, and move away from a situation where the 5 or 6 most powerful choices dominate the top tables. This was driven by feedback received from attending players at both events.

2) We wanted something with precedent, which has been tested previously and well received.

3) The rules should not be too controversial or too divergent from a standard NAF Blood Bowl tournament; we are conscious that NAFC and DB may be seen as examples which to follow.

4) The rules should not be too complicated; we do not want to confuse casual or younger players.

5) We wanted to retain some restrictions on inducements but continue to allow some of the more prevalent and popular options.

Taking all of these things into consideration, we came up with the below. You may notice the rules are very similar to those used at the very successful and well received Eurobowl in Belgium 2014.


The tournament will use the ‘Competition Rules Pack’ Blood Bowl rules. All 24 teams are available, including Chaos Pact, Slann and Underworld.

Rosters are purchased with a treasury of 1,100,000 gold crowns. All inducements are permitted except Mercenaries, Special Play Cards and Team Wizards.

If you include Star Player(s) in your roster you must first have at least 11 normal rostered players before including the Star. If two coaches are drawn against each other in the tournament with the same Star Player on their roster, then both players are permitted to use the Star (contrary to the normal CRP rule).

Note, during the pre-match sequence extra gold crowns for inducements are not awarded to teams that have a lower team value (such as they are in league play).

Besides the starting skills on your roster, you are also permitted to add additional skills to your players. These skills are added in two phases, firstly before day one of the tournament and then before day two. You may pick a different number of skills depending on your team’s race. The 24 available choices are divided into three tiers.


Note that skills are exactly as “New Skill” rolls specified either “Normal” or “Double” as per the CRP Improvement Rolls table. There are no restrictions on skill duplication i.e. you may give several different players the same skill if you wish.

All skill choices for both day one and day two must be determined before the tournament and added to your roster. Each round your roster must be made available for your opponents to check.

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