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For the NAF Championships 2014, I offered to put a bulk order in for NAF mugs, expecting to do about 20.  As it turned out, over half the attendees wanted one, so I ended up doing 80!  There was also a lot of interest from non-attendees, so here is how to make them.

NAFMugDesign The basic picture is this one, thank you to ManticoreRich (who also did the NAFC rulepack) for producing the high resolution picture.

To make the mugs quickly, I used an Excel workbook (mugmaker) with that image as the background.  By changing cell J3, and with the list of names and NAF numbers in the “List” sheet, I could cycle through the orders, and then I used screen capture to capture the picture.  You can do this in various ways, from Print Screen, to the latest versions of Office.  You end up with this:


Of course, you can just do it manually in Photoshop or Paint, starting with the pic above and adding the NAF name and number to it.

I used Snapfish, with 11oz Collage mugs, but feel free to use it wherever, and I’d be interested in seeing what results you come up with.  We could end up with a “mug’s gallery”.  Starting with  Lunchmoney’s original (top), the ones I produced (bottom left), and one that Be4ch has done (bottom right).

lunch be4ch glow







In general, the NAF is happy for you to use logos for your own (non-profit) use, and would be interested in seeing the results. You can find various images on the Media page.

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  1. MrHannah

    Well done Sann mine and Hana_666 mugs were collected at NAFC and. I have to say they were awesome. Must have been a lot of hard work on your behalf but I’m sure I speak for everyone to say well done.

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