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Name nation Race rank
Da_Great_MC Belgium Chaos 221.67
Gilles_Cacciari Spain Chaos 200.94
delevus United States of America Chaos 197.57
Ignaz Germany Chaos 193.68
BBFanatic Spain Chaos 192.84
Twyllenimor Germany Chaos 192.21
smeborg New Zealand Chaos 190.31
Flix Germany Chaos 189.43
Blitzwing United Kingdom Chaos 188.45
Royal_castor France Chaos 187.20
Thomsy Australia Chaos 186.90
Geggster United Kingdom Chaos 186.11
DrunkZombie United States of America Chaos 184.74
Liam Italy Chaos 181.11
Omake Spain Chaos 180.77
Eban Spain Chaos 178.28
Turenne France Chaos 177.34
GardenGnome Australia Chaos 175.96
Redman Canada Chaos 174.93
keshdr United States of America Chaos 173.84
Podfrey United Kingdom Chaos 173.75
british_dog Italy Chaos 172.53
shumy Spain Chaos 172.15
p4m Germany Chaos 171.79
Brownstone United States of America Chaos 171.36
inforthepain Sweden Chaos 171.10
ARKNGEL Spain Chaos 170.94
Thot France Chaos 170.94
Lycos United Kingdom Chaos 170.80
Krannix United States of America Chaos 170.37
GORGOROTH United Kingdom Chaos 169.90
Spartako Italy Chaos 168.95
Dardorl Spain Chaos 168.00
Grither United States of America Chaos 167.87
gwjunkie United States of America Chaos 167.39
chimp2010 United Kingdom Chaos 167.30
tribalsinner Australia Chaos 167.16
barbancho Spain Chaos 167.08
fnord23 Australia Chaos 166.99
Ronnie United Kingdom Chaos 166.86
Murzh Italy Chaos 166.85
Cyrlesire France Chaos 166.83
Ace2k00 United Kingdom Chaos 166.63
Catto Italy Chaos 166.57
Leif France Chaos 166.42
Charmei91 Spain Chaos 166.41
Slatfordicus United Kingdom Chaos 166.34
babass Belgium Chaos 166.23
elklingonesfacil Spain Chaos 166.23
Joemanji United Kingdom Chaos 166.17
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