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Name nation Race rank
Podfrey United Kingdom Amazons 268.31
Podfrey United Kingdom Dwarves 265.77
delevus United States of America Amazons 265.35
Jimjimany United Kingdom Wood Elves 262.74
Duke_Luthor_Von_Hawkfire Spain Skaven 258.38
Petew United Kingdom Dark Elves 256.93
Phoenix11 Italy Dark Elves 254.20
FischerKing Denmark Wood Elves 253.97
Frikipe Spain Undead 253.02
Dirold Italy Dark Elves 250.78
Jeff France Undead 250.36
Pipey United Kingdom Norse 250.12
Justicium France Undead 249.44
Harti France Chaos Dwarves 248.80
garrick United Kingdom Dark Elves 248.80
Purplegoo United Kingdom Wood Elves 248.74
MissSweden Denmark Chaos Pact 247.97
Harti France Dark Elves 247.64
Planlos Germany Lizardmen 247.57
Shirokov Spain Norse 246.46
Winkle_Picka United Kingdom Undead 245.37
Spartako Italy Wood Elves 245.16
AndyDavo United Kingdom Dark Elves 245.16
BudSpencer Germany Lizardmen 245.12
Geggster United Kingdom Wood Elves 245.08
Dirold Italy Chaos Dwarves 244.99
Pipey United Kingdom Amazons 244.54
Geggster United Kingdom Amazons 244.27
Roller Italy Wood Elves 244.06
Roller Italy Undead 243.66
MOLOK Italy Dark Elves 243.54
Purplegoo United Kingdom Humans 243.28
Floridaboy Germany Skaven 242.91
ozt Sweden Norse 242.89
dragons Sweden Undead 242.02
Chopper Australia Skaven 241.89
Kithor Germany Amazons 241.89
Joemanji United Kingdom Lizardmen 241.85
Frikipe Spain Wood Elves 240.74
kfoged Denmark Dark Elves 240.69
Sebotouno France Lizardmen 240.51
Duke_Luthor_Von_Hawkfire Spain Lizardmen 240.05
SirMayans Spain Chaos Dwarves 239.96
Sladmortis France Undead 239.95
Galmor France Wood Elves 239.89
azzroag France Undead 239.85
Tripleskull Denmark Wood Elves 239.76
odul France Dark Elves 239.53
Purplegoo United Kingdom Lizardmen 239.05
kfoged Denmark Undead 238.84
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