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The Rankings and Tournament database, as well as the NAF forum, can all now be found in the NAF Members Area.

To get access to this you will need to join the NAF.

Once you’ve done that, what can you do?

  • Visit the Coach Page to see all your statistics.  You will see the picture below (probably with higher rankings!).  You then have some options – click on the 29, to see all the tournaments you have been in, the 154 to see all your games, the Grid link to see an amazing picture that shows your performance with all races against all other races, or each race to see your performance with that race.
  • See your Head to Head record against another coach by finding their NAF number.

coach page

  • See the NAF accounts, if you are interested!
  • Contribute to the NAF forum (you can read them without being a member, but where’s the fun in that?)


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8 thoughts on “Members Area

  1. John Loy

    What a freaking disaster!! This “new” site sucks. All I want is to log in and edit my teams for the next season.
    I can’t log in, apparently I do not exist anymore.
    Thanks a lot!

  2. Mr James Hamilton

    Having issues with logging into my account none of the passwords that you are generating are not working. I have also emailed you with my payment receipt.

    Any help will be great

  3. Riddick

    I have the same problem as Mamutas. I paid for NAF Membership on Dec 09 -16. After almost a month I still haven’t received an activation code. I’ve checked the spam filters and the trash without any luck.

    When trying to log in (after resetting the password) I get the following error: “Your account has not been activated.
    You should receive an activation code by email after purchasing the NAF Membership.”

    I also mailed twice without any response.

  4. BULMANSKI Gilles

    Hello, I have 2 questions; registered under the pen name of ” patator “, is it possible to change it; then, this day I did not still receive my bloc-dice, a delay? Thank you for your answer.


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